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Silly Linguistics #35 April 2021

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  • Create Date April 30, 2021
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Silly Linguistics #35 April 2021

Editor’s Note

Diary of a (student) Teacher
By Giulia Raus

The Etymological Corner
By Katarzyna Koźma

Broken Tongues (Don’t) Feel Like Home: Language-Learning with Speech Impediments
By Tanya Newton

Bring it to the Ball: From Ballroom Culture to Mainstream Slang
By Catherine Muxworthy

Twisting my Words: The Story of French Verlan
By Rebekah Bradshaw

Open Letter to Newbies in Chinese
By Valentina Pellegrino

Foreign Language Teaching in the 21st Century
By Eleanor Goodall

How Topography Could Have Affected Language & Regional Dialects
By Joana Atanasova

The Sentinelese People: A Potential Linguistic Treasure
By Valentin Pradelou

How Many Suffixes Does One Need to Form a Plural in Romanian?
By Laura Bucur

Books That Sell and Beds That Sleep: Introducing the Permissive Subject
By David Sandwich

Abbreviations, Acronyms, &ct.
By Emmeline Burdett

Polysemy and Medical Confusion
By David Scales

Translation: More Than Words
By Jerome Jochems

Dreamtime, Dreaming, or Everywhen?
By Rebekah Bradshaw

Six Functions of Language
By Jan Pinc

Dispatches from Linguists: Learning Spanish in Appalachia
By Tiffany Marcum

The Poetry of Language: On Translation
By Ed Bedford

Writing: Making Your Mark: A Review
by Holly Gustafson

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