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We here at Silly Linguistics love languages and love talking about them. We decided there needed to be a place writers that love languages can share their stories with the world. So we created the Silly Linguistics Magazine.

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Vocabulary Items – The Squatters of the Brain

By Kateřina Fuková Look at the picture below. Imagine you are having a conversation in your native language and your

Does Language Affect the Way Our Brain Works?

By Brenda Lee Intignano Have you ever thought about how your native language shapes the way you think, how your

Rosetta Stones: Reconstructing Languages

By Emmeline Burdett In my previous article, I looked at ways of making films and television productions set in the

Glagolitic – God’s song-like language and a linguist’s personal devil

ByJoana Atanasova When you Google “Glagolitic alphabet” and click on “Images” you’ll be stunned by the sheer beauty of the

Balancing Acts

By Georgie O’Mara One of my favourite hobbies is reading the Chinese translations of signs around my city. Mandarin, mostly.

The link between goal setting and motivation within language learning

By Em Horne Learning a language has always been a common interest and hobby for many people, even more so

Fatal Faux-pas and How to Avoid Them

By Adam Millward Of all the potential faux-pas in the German language, vergiften (to poison) is by far the best

Jarring German: How “Badisch” Defies the National Stereotype

By Rachael Greyhound ( The German language has long-suffered a reputation for its harsh-sounding gutturals and short vowel sounds —

Issue #70 now available

Subscribers can go to to download the latest issue ASL? “Sign” me up! By Angela J. Olney Star Trek

Dispatches from Linguists: Sailing with Al-’Arabiyya – The First Journey

By Omar Auf This month’s dispatch from Omar Auf, explores what native languages are and how language and identity are

A Peek Outside the Realm of Language – Romanian Interjections

By Laura Bucur Definitely one of the most untranslatable and inflexible parts of speech, interjections convey a wide variety of

Kyiv, not Kiev: why you should double-check transliterations of post-USSR geographical names

By Maria Kardash As an Eastern European studying abroad during the last two years, I’ve got an impression that the