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Silly Linguistics #34 March 2021

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  • Create Date March 25, 2021
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Silly Linguistics #34 March 2021

The Etymological Corner
By Katarzyna Koźma

Linguistic Customs Around the World #3
By Valentin Pradelou

Jarring German: How “Badisch” Defies the National Stereotype
By Rachael Greyhound

Balancing Acts
By Georgie O’Mara

The Link Between Goal Setting and Motivation
By Em Horne

Fatal Faux-pas and How to Avoid Them
By Adam Millward

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Discerning of Them All?
By Kristel Ho

Rosetta Stones: Reconstructing Languages
By Emmeline Burdett

Glagolitic – God’s song-like language and a linguist’s personal devil
By Joana Atanasova

Does Language Affect the Way Our Brain Works?
By Brenda Lee Intignano

Vocabulary Items – The Squatters of the Brain
By Kateřina Fuková

The Light of the Dead: Relocating Basque Culture in Its Everyday Vocabulary
By Tanya Newton

Bananas, Wires, and Long-distance Relationships
By Jerome Jochems

Dispatches from Linguists: Speech Therapy Observation
By Tiffany Marcum

How to Pronounce Knife: A Review
by Holly Gustafson

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