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Dubbing in Spain


Why Spaniards may not be watching dubbed ‘Downton Abbey’ for much longer | Europe | News | The Independent

“¡Te amo, señor Bates! ” (“I love you, Mr Bates!) When Downton Abbey arrived on Spanish television screens courtesy of Antena 3, this is how Lady Mary’s maid Anna declared her love for Mr Bates. Sadly, Joanne Froggatt’s lips do not quite move in sequence with the words, something that, two weeks before a razor-tight general election, the Spanish government wants to put an end to.


Can watching shows only in your own language hamper your ability to learn other languages? Well, the Spanish government seems to think so. They want to discourage people from watching dubbed versions of TV shows and instead watch it in the original language because it is not given Spaniards enough exposure to other languages.

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