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Someone dubbed a whole episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender into Classical Latin!

I love things like this! It makes the language feel more real since it is being used in modern day things as opposed to simply the works of Cicero and the like. Here are some fun Latin phrases to add some spice to your day 🙂

Auribus teneo lupum

This means to hold a wolf by the ears. It is used to describe a situation that can’t go on for ever. You have to either let go of the wolf, or eventually the wolf will bite you.

Caesar non supra grammaticos

The Holy Roman Emperor once gave a speech in Constance applied a grammatical rule incorrectly. Once he was corrected, he said that the rule should be changed because he is the emperor. The reply was “Caesar non supra grammaticos” or “The emperor is not above the grammarians”

Hic manebimus optime

When the Gauls invaded Rome, the Senate met to discuss whether to move to the safety of a nearby city. The response of one senator was “Hic manebimus optime” or “Here we will stay, most excellently” which came to be a rallying cry to stand one’s ground against an approaching enemy.

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