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We here at Silly Linguistics love languages and love talking about them. We decided there needed to be a place writers that love languages can share their stories with the world. So we created the Silly Linguistics Magazine.

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Issue #18 – November 2019

S is for …Surfing, Sinking, and Swimming
By Chris Davy

Featured Topic: Translation
Interview: Paul Kaye – EU Translator
By Paula Zamorano Osorio

Lost In Translation
By Gil Cohen

Translation – Meeting of Cultures
By Aleksandra Kowalczyk

Translation in Turkey
By Valentin Pradelou

Linear B
By Emma Tolmie

Linguistics Actually 2: When I Grow Up…
By Molly Cooke

Discursive Abilities
By Camille Masson

Russian In Mexio
By Lida Bakohva

Issue #17 – October 2019

S is for …Say what you see
By Chris Davy

Featured Topic: Putting Learning to the Test

Speaking Learnt Languages Abroad
By Gil Cohen

The World is Your Classroom Now (and other terrifying realities)
By Emily Pye

Hungarian Language and its Afraid Learner
By Valentin Pradelou

Not Speaking French in France
By Holly Gustafson

Social Skills and Foreign Language Anxiety
By Justin Bartolo

A day at the Europeade folk festival
By Emma Tolmie

“Make Sex” and Other Language Lessons from Italy
By Aisla McArthur

Linguistics Actually: The Multilingual Misconception
By Molly Cooke

Phonemes, allophones: all making you spell worse in Spanish
By Apio Frito

Everything you need “to know” in Spanish
By Paula Zamorano Osorio

A look into Québecois French expressions
By Gabrielle Desualiners

On gendered words and sounding foreign
By Stefano Nunes

Sociolinguistics of England
By Simone Villano

He, She, Them and Zir: What’s in a Pronoun?
By Victoria Martinez Mutri

Chaucer’s Chicken
By Jé-nae Freel

What is the Japanese word for sushi?
By Rolf Weimar

Issue #16 – September 2019

S is for Submit
By Chris Davy

Featured Topic: Languages of the British and Irish Islands

Revitalization of Welsh – An Overview
By Elena Sheard

Hen Iaith Fy Nhadau: Welsh’s Relevance Today
By Fflur Jones

How are P-Celtic & Q-Celtic connected? An answer from Scotland
By Charles Wilson

Why Scottish Gaelic Appeals to Me
By Olga Georgousi

Craic’s Not Whack
By Al J. Kupetz

Hou’s Yer Dous? A Quick History of Scots
By Sofia Bragaglia

How to Talk Like a Viking
By Holly Gustafson

The Multitudinous Peeves of a Professional Translator: Part 2
By Apio Frito

Dude, what is my gender, man?
By Stefano Nunes

To *E or not to *E: Gender Neutrality in Spanish and German
By Victoria Martinez Mutri

What do French People think about Romania?
By Valtentin Pradelou

How Slovene Changed My Perspective on Serbian
By Dina Stanković

Language and Culture
By Gil Cohen

Languages of Old in Music of Today
By Paula Zamorano Osorio

Late Talkers
By Camille Masson

Language as a Link Between Rugby and DNA
By Emma Tolmie

Book Review: Because Internet
By Ed Bedford


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