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We here at Silly Linguistics love languages and love talking about them. We decided there needed to be a place writers that love languages can share their stories with the world. So we created the Silly Linguistics Magazine.

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Issue #15 – August 2019

Staying Sharp The Multilingual Way:
By Gabrielle Désaulniers

Dialect or language? Age-old question, but with an overlooked angle
By Charles Wilson

What’s The Deal With Voynich?
By Simone Villano

The Dragon Empire – The Basis of Cyrodiilic
By Diana Vereris

Learning Russian, Part 2
By Gil Cohen

S is for…Silent M: Mnemonics
By Chris Davy

The Multitudinous Peeves of a Professional Translator – Part 1
By Apio Frito

Banana Peels to Trip up the Translator
By Paulo Rónai Translated by Tom Moore

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Issue #14 – July 2019

Just Write: How I learned to stop worrying and love writing
By Rolf Weimar

Top Language Learning Tips
By Jé-nae Freel

Loneliness of a Polyglot
By Stefano Nunes

Learning Russian, Part 1
By Gil Cohen

Expressive language in infants and how to stimulate their progress
By Camille Masson

Thieves’ Cant…Or can they?
By Simone Villano

Mobilian Jargon: A North American Pidgin
By Elena Sheard

Madness of the Reach
By Diana Vereris

S is for…See
By Chris Davy

Greek for Chinese to Read
By Paulo Ronai Translated by Tom Moore

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