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Here are some highlights of the Silly Linguistics magazine

Translation and analysis of Iditguovssu (Dawn Light), a song in Northern Sami
Me, myself and I – An exploration of a weird phenomenon in Modern English
An overview of Northern Sami
History of “-y” in English
An exploration of the past tense of ‘yeet’
When Writing Gets Hard: The Bilingual Problem
Examine the rationale and effectiveness of attempts in the late 17th and 18th century to rectify the English language
What “yes” and “no” can tell us about how people think
How many languages are there?
Proto Language – Reconstruction and vowel Development

If you get a Complete Subscription you also get access to a special publication called Language Lovers Loot where we give linguistics lessons, language learning tips and each volume comes with a chart showing how a specific group of words are related. Find out how “head” and “cape” are related. Getting a subscription is also a great way to support our endeavours here at Silly Linguistics. If we can grow the business we can offer you guys even more cool stuff. We love making fun and interesting language stuff like this.

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