Nebula Tales Issue #4



Product Description

Hello readers!

Starting in this issue and continuing into the future, we will spotlight a Nebula Tales author featured within. This time, we are spotlighting Trev Hill, author of From the Journal of Dr Daniel Donnington (featured in Issue 3), The Toymaker (featured in Issue1), and Bridesmaids (featured in Issue 2), as well as The Belted Man and Hilltop Meeting in this issue. Towards the end of this compilation, there will be a “Questions and Answers” section, offering information about the chosen author and their background. Please take the time to read a little about Trev and what makes him tick.
Also in this issue, we bring you the usual thrills, chills and mind bending wonders that we love to share. Included are the next episode of the serial feature Dual Destiny, along with a new serial written by D W Brownlaw, called The Battle Hymn of the Asbahri.
We are proud to bring in some new authors as well.
Please offer a warm welcome to Joshua Adam, Heather Holmes, Carina Ruiz, Guy Stewart, and A.J Touhig. We hope that their stories will delight all of you.

Nebula Tales Editing Staff