• Home Office misspells ‘language’ in English test statement – BBC News

      Home Office misspells ‘language’ in English test statement – BBC News Home Office officials misspell ‘language’ in a press release on the new English test for migrants. Source: www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35381365… Read More

  • Emoji

      The Eggplant Emoji Means Exactly What You Think It Means | Motherboard SwiftKey analyzed more than 1 billion emojis sent using their third-party keyboard to suss out the most… Read More

  • Icelandic chants

    Icelandic is an awesome sounding language. It is one of the most conservative Germanic languages, which means it has not changed a lot over the centuries and Icelanders can still… Read More

  • Japanese tongue twisters

    Tongue twisters are an awesome way to show the phonology and phonotactics (what sounds are allowed in a language and where) of a language. A good tongue twister can have… Read More

  • American English

    It’s amazing how much variation there can be on a simply thing like the name of a cold refreshing fizzy drink. In America there are 3 main words for it,… Read More

  • Teaching swear words to japanese people

    Swear words are some of the most popular words of another language. You might not know anything about the language but you know how to insult someone else’s mother, their… Read More


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