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We here at Silly Linguistics love languages and love talking about them. We decided there needed to be a place writers that love languages can share their stories with the world. So we created the Silly Linguistics Magazine.

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Did you mean what you just said? Insights on linguistic ambiguities

Did you mean what you just said? Insights on linguistic ambiguities  By Valentin Pradelou  Have you ever experienced a situation

Quebec Anglophones and Francophones: a (not-so-charming) Valentine’s day tale

By Florencia Flow “I remember” is the slogan we can see written on cars’ plates while wandering the streets of

The Sun Never Sets on the Aramaic Alphabet

The most influential language you’ve never heard of… By Daniel Nehemiah Oliver What do Genghis Khan, Jesus Christ & Cyrus

Gaels of the World – Lenite! – beginning my journey into Scottish Gaelic

By David Carr Halò. ‘S e Daibhidh an t-ainm a th’ orm – or Hello. My name is David. Literally

Ancient Antagonists – The Victorians

This article is NOT SAFE FOR WORK By Valentin Pradelou We’ve gone through our friends the greeks and romans in

How to read Japanese characters and why it is so hard and interesting at the same time

By Linguipixie Reading Chinese characters can be difficult already, since you need to memorize both the meaning and the pronunciation

Aussie Lingo 101: Oh Naur!Diphthongs in Australian Vowels

By Rebekah Bradshaw A young man in a blue tank top, green shorts and a terrible blonde wig stares in

The evolution of languages in the 21st Century 

By J Bradley Scott The 21st century has been marked by significant advancements in technology and globalization,  leading to profound

An Etymology of the Holidays

By Rebekah Bradshaw For many around the world, this time of year marks the festive season. While we’re on the

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Dialects of the Internet: Memes and Virtual BondsBy Nicole Lorenzoni Flower Power: The captivating language of flowersBy Joana Atanasova In

From Nonsense To Sense: What Text Actually Means

By Marcus Ten Low Learning to theorise and generalise about text (which is called “textual analysis”) has become one of

Occitan misrepresentation: the French identity conundrum

Occitan misrepresentation: the French identity conundrum By Linguipixie Occitan is the Romance language that was spoken indigenously in the South