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We here at Silly Linguistics love language and linguistics and want to share it with the world. Have you ever wondered why English spelling is so weird? Have you ever wondered where words come from? Well, in this magazine we cover all this and more. We talk to linguists and ask them all sorts of interesting questions about language. We talk to language lovers and talk to them about their highs and lows of language learning.

We discuss etymology and where words come from. We look at the social impact of words and how words shape the world around us. Languages are fundamentally human and they touch all parts of our lives. We seek to explore how language shapes our lives and the world around us. How do different groups use language and what can that teach us about being human. Discover all this and more in our magazine Silly Linguistics

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What do you get with a subscription?

Instant digital access to all current and previous issues of our magazine full of interesting articles about language and linguistics written by writers from around the world. We publish articles about words, etymologies, how words are used, how words affect the world around us, how languages develop and how they are used all around the world. We discuss dialects of known and lesser known languages. We discuss linguistic curiosities and weird and wonderful words and phrases.

Access to our Language Lovers Loot series which features word trees showing how words are connected, language overviews from a linguistic perspective and Linguistics 101 which is an easy introduction to all the major linguistic fields. Have you ever wanted a quick way of getting into linguistics? Well our Linguistics 101 series is just for you

Language lessons for Old English, German, Italian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian and Northern Sami for simple to follow lessons. Full of examples and explanations of the grammar of the language and how to use it.

A new issue is published every month and available to download as a PDF to read wherever, be it on a passenger in car, on the train or while on a plane trip. You can wile away the hours immersed in words and language


“I recently took the plunge of getting the magazine.
I can’t tell you how utterly I adore it.
I’m one issue in & ration reading the articles so I don’t run out too quickly.

I practically squee’d when my inbox told me another issue had arrived (& know it’s only a matter of time before I break & have to acquire ALL back issues)…
Thoughts of one day contributing make me giddy.
LOVE what you’ve done & assembled

Ian Peek

Some articles from our magazine

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Language lessons, Silly Linguistics, Nebula Tales and a bonus supplement called Language Lovers Loot which includes language learning tips, a word tree to show how a group of words is related, a linguistic overview of a language spoken in the world and Linguistics 101, a user friendly and accessible introduction to linguistics. Silly Linguistics magazine is all about language and linguistics from around the world. If you love languages, literature and linguistics, then this is the tier for you

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