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Interesting connections

heart and discord

“heart” comes from Old English “heorte”, from Proto Germanic *hertô, from Proto Indo European *ḱḗr. All these words mean “heart”. The word “discord” comes from Latin “discors” which comes from “dis” means “apart” and “cor” meaning “heart”. “cor” is also descended from Proto Indo European *ḱḗr.

true and tree

“true” comes from Old English trēowe (trusty, faithful), from Proto Germanic *triwwiz (true, faithful), from Proto Indo European *drewh₂- which was derived from Proto Indo European *dóru (tree). “tree” is also derived from Proto Indo European *dóru.

This shows that people throughout the Proto Indo European period and leading up to the development of modern Indo European languages saw trees as sturdy, faithful and true.

advocate and avocado

“advocate” comes from Latin “advocatus” which comes from “advocare” where “ad” means “to” and “vocare” means “to call” so it means “to call to one’s aid”. “avocado” comes from Spanish “avocado” where people mistakenly thought the Spanish word referred to the fruit. “avocado” in Spanish is derived from Latin “advocatus”.

chapel and head

The word “chapel” come from Latin “cappella” which means “little cloak”. Saint Martin of Tours tore his cloak in half to clothe a poor man. The remaining half of the cloak eventually became a holy relic and temporary structures were set up to house the relic and these were named after the cloak.

“cappella” is a diminutive form of “cappa” (cloak) which itself comes from Latin “caput” and this word and the English word “head” come from Proto Indo European *káput.

wish and venison

“wish” comes from Old English wȳsċan, from Proto Germanic *wunskijaną, from Proto Indo European *wenh₁ where it means both “to wish” or “to love”.

“venison” comes from the same word in Old French, ultimatel from Latin ” vēnātiō” which is “the meat from a hunt” and this word is derived from the Latin “vēnor” which means “I hunt”. But “vēnor” itself comes from a Latin word “veneror” which means “to worship, adore, revere or venerate”, and this word also comes from the Proto Indo European word *wenh₁

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