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How online culture is continuing to affect the language we use every day

Symbols initially start out quite straight forward, like an arrow or a picture of a buffalo. Over time they can become more abstract, like a save disk icon or a thumbs up which require a bit more cultural background. Sometimes symbols can ascend to truly independent ideas that have taken on a life of their own.Meme culture likes to reference and self reference popular culture. A dumb button prompt in a Call of Duty game has become a stand out in internet culture. In the real world we have lots of gestures like a wave or a shrug to communicate attitudes. In the digital world memes can become the source of new ways to communicate, like the famous “F” inspired by Call of Duty.

Humans are always looking for ways to connect with the world around them and to communicate their thoughts and desires. There is no greater example of the infinite possibilities of language than the growth of “F” into a crucial and ever present member of our online expierences.

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