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Silly Linguistics Magazine Issue #24 May 2020

S is for … Speed
By Chris Davy

Diary of a Student Teacher
By Giulia Raus

Check ‘Ya Necks!
By Tiffany Marcum

The Grammar Police
By Victor Carreão

The Legal Person: Part 2
By David Wells

Can a new language change your perspective?
By Dewni Pathegama

Neutralizing Gender
By Gil Cohen

Language Racism
By Stefano Nunes

Linguistic Diversity in France: a Very Short History
By Emma Tolmie

Down Among the Dampwinkels
By Emmeline Burdett

Structures of Hypocorism in French: Terms of Endearment and Pet Names
By Valentin Pradelou

Dispatches from Linguists: French Lessons
By Aisla McArthur

What’s Your Pronoun?: A Review
By Holly Gustafson