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Chinese language and dialects

The Chinese language is made up of 11 “dialects”. They are not so much as dialects, as they are pretty much stand alone languages. Even those so called dialects have subdivisions in themselves which can be hard for speakers of that dialect to understand others of that dialect.

The subdivisions of Chinese are Gan, Mandarin, Hui, Jin, Hakka, Min, Wu, Xiang, Yue, Pinghua and Ba-Shu. There is a lot of variation amongst these subdivisions. Many Chinese people speak a larger dialect for use in a major city, and a smaller dialect which they speak at home with friends and family.

This video is about a project to preserve Chinese dialects since many have not been studied a lot and need more recordings. The group in the video has setup a system whereby people can submit recordings of themselves and family telling stories which will help preserve the multitude of dialects and languages that exist in China.


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