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What’s the deal with Atlantean?

Our goal is to construct a language that can plausibly be the mother of all languages in this world Erd. Because of this it was able to have a huge impact on the world. All languages in Erd are descended from a dialect of Atlantean called Middle Atlantean. We also have completely different names for the languages family. What people on Earth call the Germanic family, Erders call them the Harbour languages (as they are descended from Harbour Atlantean).

If you want to join in on our project, we welcome it. It takes a long time to develop the language that comes between Middle Atlantean and a real modern language such as Japanese, Arabic or French, but people are coming up with new dialects of Middle Atlantean all the time, and coming up with fascinating etymologies.

Erd is similar to Earth, but also very different too. People are completely obsessed with cheesecake on Erd. Their king is called “cheesecake”. Cheesecake in their language means “divine desert that comes from the cheese province”. One of their provinces is called cheese land, because that is where most of the cheese comes from. That is also why the languages spoken there, known as the Slavic languages to earthlings, are known as Dairy languages to Erders.

The most developed of these languages is Atlaans, also known as Coastal Atlantean. You can find more information about Atlaans in the links below.

Atlaans dictionary

Atlaans pronunciation

Atlaans grammar