Atlaans (Coastal Atlantean) dictionary

A  –  a


Afrika            noun. Africa.

Agypt   noun. Egypt.

Amerika        noun. America.

Asien   noun. Asia.

aal         noun. eel.

aan       preposition. on.

aanbien         noun. purchase.

aanlich          adjective. similar.

aapaling       noun. noble, aristocracy.

aard      noun. earth.

aas        noun. donkey.

abentouer    noun. adventure.

abentouerung        noun. adventuring.

abin      noun. evening.

ablandich     adjective. off shore.

ableen           verb. reject.

ableet            verb. deduce.

ablenkich     adjective. distracting.

abneem         verb. decrease.

abonier         verb. subscribe.

abshalt         verb. turn off.

abshoylich   adjective. heinous, abominable, detestable, loathsome, horrible.

abshuk          noun. departure.

absich           noun. intention.

abspalt         verb. secede.

abspaltung              noun. secession.

abteelung    noun. section.

abvaser         noun. sewage.

abzeet           adjective. apart.

abzenk          verb. lower.

abzet   verb. drop, let go.

abzurd          adjective. adsurd.

ach       noun. eight.

achde   adjective. eighth.

achsich         noun. eighty.

adler    noun. eagle.

admiral         noun. admiral.

akihom         noun. axiom.

aktulich        adjective. current.

akwich          noun. tribe.

al           adjective. everything.

al           adjective. all.

ald        adjective. old.

aleen    adjective. alone.

alergish        adjective. allergic.

algemeen     adjective. general.

alles     noun. everything. Note: This word is seen as quite formal and is often used in poems and songs

almachtich              adjective. almighty.

altar     noun. altar.

alter     noun. age.

alternativ     adjective. alternative.

ambichun     noun. ambition.

ambord         adjective. aboard.

ameese         noun. ant.

amshap         noun. post, position, office.

an          preposition. on to (in the sense, “similar to”).

anbiet            verb. offer.

anblik            noun. sight.

andoot          verb. imply.

aner      verb. change.

anerung        noun. change.

anfang          noun. beginning.

anfanger      noun. beginner.

anforderung           noun. requirement.

angaab          noun. data.

angaan          verb. address, deal with, be involved with.

angebend     adjective. featured.

angeblich     adjective. alledgedly.

angeborend             adjective. inherent.

angrip           noun. attack.

anheb   verb. raise, lift up.

anjoudan      expression. well done.

anlage           noun. base, structure.

anmeldend   adjective.

anmeldung              noun. declaration.

anna     adjective. other.

annan   noun. other people.

anneem         verb. adopt, accept, take on, assume.

anruf    verb. call on the phone.

anspraak      noun. speech, talk, address.

ansteeg        verb. grow, increase.

anstieg         noun. slope.

antal    noun. amount.

anvoord        noun. answer.

anzeenend   adjective. apparent.

anzie    verb. attract, draw toward, put on.

aparat           noun. machine.

apel      noun. apple.

apoteek        noun. chemist pharmacy.

apoteke        noun. pharmacy.

ar          verb. am is are be. Gram: the infinitve of “ar” is “zeen”

arabies          noun. arabic.

arbeed           noun. work profession vocation.

arbeedgeber           noun. employer.

arbeedplat   noun. workplace.

arena   noun. arena.

argument     noun. argument.

arm       noun. arm.

armband       noun. bracelet.

armee            noun. army.

armselich     adjective. poor pitiful.

artikel           noun. article.

as          conjunction. than (better than, worse than), if, because.

ash       noun. ash.

asiel     noun. asylum.

asistens       noun. assistance.

ast        noun. branch.

atlaan            noun. atlantis.

atlaande       noun. atlantean person.

atlaans          noun. atlantean language (usually refers to Coastal Atlantean).

atma    verb. breathe.

atma    noun. breath.

aver      conjunction. but.

avokadoeer             noun. vagabond miscreant pirate.

avokat           adjective. stupid, dumb, terrible.

avonesen     noun. dinner.

avsnit            noun. episode.


B  –  b


Bajoraaner   noun. Bajoran (person).

Bajorish        adjective. Bajoran.

Budadom      noun. Buddhism.

baan     noun. track.

bald      adverb. soon.

ban       verb. ban, deny access (to a group or institution).

band     noun. band ribbon.

barn     adjective. young.

baseerd        adjective. based.

basis    noun. basis.

bazka   noun. barrel.

bed       noun. bed.

bedekend     adjective. covered.

bedienung   noun. service.

bedienungaparat   noun. vending machine.

bedoot          verb. mean. Was bedoot das? What does that mean?

bedootung   noun. meaning.

bedrangnis              noun. oppression.

bedrolich     adjective. threatening.

bee       preposition. at, near.

beed     preposition. both.

beel      noun. axe.

beer      noun. bear.

bees     verb. bite.

beet      verb. beg.

beetraak       verb. contribute.

beetrager     noun. contributor.

beetrit           noun. entry access.

beezeet        adjective. auxiliary.

befolkerung            noun. population.

beforshuk    verb. prefer, favour.

begaan          noun. commission.

begeen          verb. face, confront.

begeer           verb. desire.

begin   verb. begin.

begleet         verb. accompany.

begleeter     noun. companion.

begleetung              noun. accompaniment, company, companion.

beglieka       noun. refugee.

begrens        verb. limit.

begrif   noun. term.

behaaglich   adjective. comfortable.

behaaglichheet      noun. comfort.

behalt            verb. keep.

behandlung             noun. handling.

beheeb          verb. repair.

beheeb          verb. repair.

behersh        verb. control, govern, administrate.

behinderung           noun. disability.

behoop         verb. claim, assert, affirm.

behoorde     noun. authorities, agency.

bekant          adjective. known.

bekavat        adjective. praised.

bekavat        verb. thank.

bekeer           verb. proselytize, convert, preach.

beklagung   noun. allegation.

bekom           verb. receive.

bekwaadlich           adjective. infuriating maddening frustrating.

beleed           verb. insult.

beleedigung            noun. insult.

belek    noun. document.

benarbeed   verb. edit.

beneem         verb. act behave.

beneemung             noun. behaviour.

benoot          verb. use.

benootadjective    useful.

benootfol     adjective. useful.

benootigung           noun. ability.

benootung   noun. use.

berch   noun. mountain.

berchhang   noun. mountainside.

berechtich   verb. entitle.

berechtigung          noun. legitimacy.

bereech        noun. region, area.

bereet           adjective. ready.

berichterstater      noun. reporter.

beru     verb. touch.

berup   noun. job vocation profession.

besde   adjective. best.

beser   adjective. better.

beshaal         verb. pay.

beshapich    adjective. busy.

beshenel      noun. creed.

beshrankend          adjective. limited. Note: can be shortned to “bsk.”

besin    noun. broom.

beskikbaar              adjective. available.

beskikloos   adjective. spineless.

besloynich   verb. accelerate.

beslus           noun. resolution, decision, agreement.

besnel           verb. speed up, rush around.

bestaan        verb. exist.

bestaandend           adjective. exisiting.

bestaat         verb. confirm, validate, acknowledge, verify.

bestim          verb. to fit together, to be suited for.

bestimt         adjective. certainly.

bestraaf       verb. punish.

beswerde     noun. appeal, complaint, grievance.

bet        verb. pray.

beton   verb. emphasize.

betrach         verb. view as, regard.

betrak           verb. seen as though of as.

betrieblich   adjective. operational.

betriech        verb. be in dire need of.

betruger       noun. cheater.

betung          noun. prayer.

bevaared      adjective. proven.

bevak   verb. wake someone.

beveech        verb. move.

bevertung    noun. assessment.

bevill    verb. approve.

beziech         verb. to defeat someone/something.

beziechd      adjective. defeated.

bezienung   noun. relationship.

beziet            verb. frighten, scare.

bezucher      noun. visitor.

bezuchershaal       noun. turnout.

bezuk            noun. visit.

biech    noun. whip.

biegzaam     adjective. flexible.

biegzaamheet        noun. flexibility.

biek      verb. bend.

bien      verb. shop.

biene    noun. bee.

biensenter   noun. shopping centre.

bier       noun. beer.

bild       noun. picture.

bild       verb. form, shape, mold.

bilich   adjective. cheap.

biljun   noun. billion.

bind      verb. tie, bind, leash.

bine      preposition. inside.

bis        adverb. until.

bis’her           adverb. until now.

bishin            adjective. a little.

bite       verb. plead, beg.

blaas    adjective. pale.

blad      noun. page.

blas      verb. blow.

blast    noun. blast.

bleeb    verb. remain.

blieze   adjective. close.

blik       noun. look, glance, sign of. Ken blik fon footzeechen No sign of footprints.

blink    verb. blink.

blit        noun. lightning.

blok      noun. block.

blood   noun. blood.

blooddoorsich       noun. blood thirsty.

bloom            noun. flower.

blou      noun. blue.

blutend         adjective. bleeding.

bobel   noun. bubble.

boden            preposition. bottom, floor.

bodenloos   adjective. bottomless.

bolezniech   adjective. patient.

boog    noun. bow.

boog    verb. bow.

boogend       adjective. bent.

boor     verb. bear (a child), born.

boos     adjective. naughty, evil, sinister.

booshapich             adjective. malicious.

boosheet      adjective. evil, malice.

boote   noun. prey.

boritie           noun. fight.

botel    noun. bottle.

botshap        noun. embassy.

botung          noun. crash.

bou       verb. build.

boulich         adjective. structural.

boum   noun. tree.

bounung       noun. building.

braat    verb. roast.

braater          noun. grill.

breed   adjective. wide.

bref      noun. letter.

brek     verb. break.

brema            noun. burden.

bren     verb. burn.

brenend        adjective. burning.

bretspiel      noun. board game.

briega            noun. trouble.

bring    verb. bring.

brokolie        noun. brocoli.

brood   noun. bread.

brook   verb. need.

brookung     noun. need.

brou     verb. brew.

broukbar      adjective. useful convenient.

broukbargezeep    noun. convenience store.

brout   noun. bride.

bruder           noun. brother.

brudershap             noun. brotherhood.

bruka   noun. scandal.

bruke   noun. bridge.

brul      verb. roar.

brulend         adverb. roaring.

brun     noun. brown.

brushalter   noun. bra.

buk       noun. bay.

bukstav        noun. letter (in a sentence).

bund    noun. alliance.

burger           noun. citizen.

buro     noun. office, room, chamber.


D  –  d


Doutshland             noun. Germany.

daarbee        pronoun. with that.

dabar   noun. beaver.

dafor    adverb. for that.

dag       noun. day.

dajiech          noun. betray.

dajieka          noun. traitor.

damerung    noun. dawn.

dan       conjunction. then.

dana     adverb. there after.

daneben       preposition. beside.

dans     verb. dance.

daran   preposition. on there.

darf      verb. allow.

darin    preposition. in there.

daroufkom              verb. depends upon.

darover         adverb. about that.

das       conjunction. that.

dasen   pronoun. those.

data      noun. data.

datee   noun. file.

davon   adverb. of it. Phon: pronounced “dafon”

dazeen          noun. existence.

de          article. the.

deech   noun. dough.

deen     pronoun. your.

deke     noun. ceiling.

delietie         verb. share.

demokrasie             noun. democracy.

demokratish           adjective. democratic.

den       accentuator. well, then.

denk     verb. think.

denkung       noun. thought.

der        pronoun. (he, she, etc.. ) who.

dese     pronoun. you (plural).

desech          pronoun. you (plural) accusative.

deshalb         conjunction. therefore.

desvechen   conjunction. because of.

dete      noun. child.

devolan         adjective. pleased.

dialech          noun. dialect.

dich      pronoun. you (accusative), yourself.

dien      noun. giant.

dienouzourie          noun. dinosaur.

dier       noun. animal, creature.

dieram          verb. ignore.

dierart           noun. veterinarian.

dies      pronoun. this.

diesen           pronoun. these.

din        adjective. thin.

ding      noun. thing.

dinsdag        noun. tuesday.

dochter         noun. daughter.

dok       verb. dock.

doking          noun. docking.

doktor           noun. doctor.

dolk      noun. dagger.

dona     noun. thunder.

donakeel      noun. thunderbolt.

doom   noun. dime (10c).

door     noun. door.

doors   noun. thirst.

doorsich       adjective. thirsty.

doos     noun. box.

doos     noun. box.

doos     noun. box, crate.

dord     preposition. there.

dorfer            noun. villager.

dorn     noun. thorn.

dorp     noun. village.

dostich         adjective. worthy.

dostigung    noun. worthiness.

douer   verb. take (duration, as in “It will take a long time”).

douerhaf      adjective. permanent.

doum   noun. thumb.

doum   noun. thumb.

doutsh          adjective. german.

doysh   adverb. through.

doyshlas      verb. leak.

doyshlasung           noun. leak.

doyshsienheet       noun. transparency.

draad   noun. thread, thirteen.

drachon        noun. dragon.

drang   verb. urge.

dree      noun. three.

dreede           noun. third.

dreehuk        noun. triangle.

dreesich       noun. thirty.

drekich         adjective. dirty.

dreven           adjective. ancient.

drie       verb. turn.

drink    verb. drink.

drink    noun. drink.

droo     verb. threaten.

drousin         preposition. outside.

druk     verb. press.

druk     noun. pressure, tension.

druk     verb. print.

drukbaar      adjective. printable.

du         pronoun. you (singular).

dugot   verb. owe.

dum      adjective. stupid.

dumheet       noun. stupidity.

dun       adjective. thin.

dunk    adjective. dark.

dunkelheet              noun. darkness.

dur        adjective. expensive.

dure     noun. beast.

duzin   noun. dozen.


E  –  e


Egiptin          noun. Egyptian (person).

ebenboord   noun. peer.

ech       adjective. real.

eechhornshen        noun. squirrel.

eed       noun. oath.

eefer    noun. zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness.

eeferer          noun. zealot.

eegenshap   noun. property, characteristic.

eegenshap   noun. ownership, property.

eegin    adjective. own.

eegnetich     adjective. suited, fitting, compatible.

eegnetichheet        noun. compatibility.

eej        noun. egg.

eejer    noun. eggs.

een       article. a, an.

een       noun. one.

eenbind        verb. integrate.

eenbindung             noun. integration.

eenbouned   adjective. built-in.

eend     noun. end.

eender           verb. alter.

eendloos      adjective. endless.

eendringlich           adjective. insistent.

eenflus         verb. influence.

eenflus         noun. influence.

eenfuk          verb. add.

eenfurung    noun. introduction.

eenhaak        verb. agree.

eenheet        noun. integrity, unity.

eenich           verb. connect, join, unify, unite.

eenreech      verb. submit, file, lodge, present, tender, put in.

eenrich         verb. set up, establish.

eens     noun. one thing, at one point, once.

eenselheet   noun. detail.

eenshalt       verb. turn on.

eensheenend          adjective. evident, obvious.

eenshrankung        noun. limitation.

eensich         adjective. a single item, object. Es geeb niet een eensicha hoond heer There is not a single dog here.

eenstelung              noun. adjustment, setting.

eenstup        verb. classify.

eentragend              adjective. incorporated. Note: can be shorted to “etg.”

eenvander    noun. immigrant.

eenwas         adjective. anything.

eenwo           adjective. anywhere.

eerlich           adjective. honest.

ees        noun. ice.

ees        verb. eat.

eesroom       noun. icecream.

eevrich          adjective. eager.

egal      adjective. equal, same.

ehemaliger              noun. ex-partner, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend.

eher      adverb. rather (as in, “I would rather”).

ek          noun. corner.

ekelhaf         adjective. disgusting.

ekisteer        verb. exist.

eklaar            verb. explain.

eklich   adjective. ugly.

eknaam         noun. nickname.

ekood            verb. harrass.

ekran   noun. screen.

elegant         adjective. elegant.

elektrich      adjective. electric.

elen      verb. perform.

elend    noun. despair.

elf         noun. eleven.

elk        adjective. each, any.

elter     noun. parent.

elterlich        adjective. parental.

emfehlung   noun. recommendation.

empang        verb. experience, receive.

en          conjunction. and.

endek   verb. discover.

endekung     noun. discovery.

endlich          adverb. finally.

endloos        noun. endless.

eneenich      verb. disconnect.

enfak   verb. ignite.

enfas   verb. include, cover.

enfenster     verb. defenestrate.

enfern           verb. remove.

enfern           adjective. apart.

eng       adjective. narrow.

eng       adjective. intimate.

engaan          verb. go against, cancel, break (an oath, a contract).

engels           noun. english.

englees         verb. derail.

engroy          verb. outgrow.

engultich     adjective. ultimate.

enhalt            verb. include.

enhul   verb. reveal, disclose.

enjiena          verb. undress.

enkom           verb. escape.

enkop            verb. behead.

enlaad           verb. offload.

enmutigend            adjective. daunting.

enrol    verb. unroll.

enrolend       adjective. unrolled.

ensaak          verb. to shut someone up.

enshuldich   verb. excuse.

enshulich     verb. apologise.

enshuligung            noun. apology.

enspan          verb. relax.

enstaan        verb. generate.

enstel            verb. replace.

entoush        verb. disappoint.

entoushend             adjective. disappointing.

enveder…oder       verb. either…or.

envikel          verb. develop.

enviklung     noun. progression, development.

enzeed          verb. decide.

enzoob         verb. to dirty or mess up something.

epost   noun. email.

er          pronoun. archaic “he”, sometimes found in older texts, or used for poetic purposes.

era        noun. honour.

erba      noun. heir.

erbar    adjective. honourable.

erbe      noun. inheritance.

erbroch         noun. vomit.

erch      verb. annoy.

erdich            verb. bury.

erfaan           verb. experience.

erfarung       noun. experience.

erfas    verb. capture, cover, grasp.

erfin     verb. invent, make up.

erfolk   noun. success.

erfolk   verb. succeed.

erfolklich     adjective. successful.

erfroy            verb. please, excite, bring joy.

ergerd           adjective. irritated.

ergich            adjective. upset.

ergreef          verb. seize.

erhalt   verb. get, obtain, receive.

erich    adjective. honoured.

erkien            verb. recognise.

erlas     verb. enact, pass, issue.

erloub           verb. allow, make possible.

ermooglich              verb. make possible.

ernen   verb. nominate.

erns      adjective. serious.

erober           verb. conquer.

erreech         verb. reach.

ershoyk        verb. produce, generate, manufacture.

ershoykung             noun. production.

ershrech       verb. shock.

erswing        verb. force, compel.

erswing        verb. enforce.

erteel   verb. grant, award, bestow.

ertraak          verb. bear, manage, tolerate, handle.

ertrink          verb. drown.

ervaan           verb. mention.

ervaat            verb. wait for.

ervaat            verb. expect.

ervak   verb. to awaken.

erveeter        verb. extend.

erverb           verb. gain.

ervunshd      adjective. desired.

ervurg           verb. choke.

erzaal            verb. tell.

erzeen           verb. seem, appears to be.

erzet    verb. replace, supersede.

erzie    verb. raise a child.

erziel   verb. reach, attain.

erzien            verb. appear.

es          pronoun. it, itself.

esaar    pronoun. its.

esse     pronoun. they.

essech          pronoun. them, themselves.

esv.      abbreviation. etc., and so on.

etak      noun. level.

etvaa    adjective. some.

etvas    noun. something.


F  –  f


Fooderachun          noun. Federation.

Frankreech              noun. France.

faan      noun. flag.

faanenflukling       noun. deserter.

faar      verb. drive.

faarer   noun. driver.

fachlich        adjective. professional.

fader    noun. father.

fal         noun. grammatical case, fall.

fale       noun. trap.

familie          noun. family.

familiedier   noun. pet.

fant      swear word. fuck, damn, shit.

fantazie        noun. fantasy.

farb      noun. colour.

farb      verb. paint.

farbich          adjective. colourful.

farbton         noun. shade, hue.

fas        noun. barrel.

fas        adverb. nearly.

fast      adjective. almost.

favor    noun. favour.

fech      verb. fight.

fechter          noun. fighter.

fechtung      noun. fighting.

fee        noun. fairy.

feegling        noun. coward.

feek      verb. sweep.

feel       adjective. lots, many.

feelzich        noun. plural.

feen      verb. party.

feend   noun. enemy.

feenheet       noun. delicacy.

fel         noun. mistake.

feld       noun. field.

feldshuk       noun. campaign (military or political).

feleted          adjective. injured.

fenomen       noun. phenomenon.

fenster          noun. window.

feraat   noun. betrayal.

feracht          verb. scorn.

ferachtung              noun. scorn.

feranderd     adjective. changed.

feranvoordlichheet          noun. accountability, responsibility.

ferbeser       verb. improve.

ferbeserd     adjective. improved.

ferbind          verb. connect, link, associate.

ferbinder      noun. connector.

ferbindung              noun. connection, link, liaison, association.

ferbloo          verb. wither, fade.

ferboot         verb. forbid, ban.

ferbrecher   noun. criminal.

ferbrechung            noun. crime.

ferbrenung              noun. burn.

ferbring        verb. spend.

ferbrook       verb. consume, use up.

ferch    noun. pig.

ferdorb         verb. spoil, corrupt, ruin.

ferdouer       verb. digest.

ferdreeung              noun. perversion.

fereen           noun. association.

fereenichd   adjective. united.

fereenigung            noun. union.

fereng           verb. constrict.

ferengung    noun. constriction.

ferfaanish    adjective. procedural.

ferfaarung   noun. process, procedure, method, measure.

ferfarbed     adjective. coloured.

ferfolk          verb. follow, observe, pay attention to.

ferfukbar     adjective. available.

fergaanung             noun. offence.

fergeltung   noun. retribution.

fergevald     verb. rape.

fergif   verb. poison.

fergleech     adverb. in comparison.

fergleesh     verb. compare.

ferhaal          noun. story.

ferhaf            verb. arrest.

ferhandel     adjective. negotiating (points) talking (points).

ferhandlung            noun. hearing, negotiation, trial.

ferheerat      verb. marry.

ferhoorung              noun. inquisition.

ferkeer          noun. traffic.

ferkeerd       adjective. wrong, incorrect.

ferkeersgunstend             adverb. conveniently.

ferklaarung             noun. explanation.

ferkoup        verb. sell.

ferkrampend          adjective. tense, nervous.

ferlak   noun. publisher, press.

ferlang          verb. demand.

ferlang          noun. demand.

ferlas   verb. leave, depart.

ferleed          adjective. ago, past.

ferlet   verb. injure, violate.

ferlet   adjective. injured.

ferletung      noun. injury.

ferlieb           adjective. in love.

ferloor          verb. lose.

fermasel       verb. mess up.

fermis           verb. miss, skip.

fermish         verb. mix up, confuse something for something else.

fermut          verb. assume.

fern      adjective. distant.

fernicht        verb. destroy.

fernunf         noun. reason, sense, understanding.

feroorshaak            verb. cause.

feropen         verb. publish.

ferpraat        verb. promise.

fersager       noun. loser, pathetic person.

fershist        verb. renounce.

fershouber              verb. enchant, bewitch, cast a spell on.

fershuk         verb. try.

fersien          noun. television.

fersleesh      noun. wear and tear, consumption.

ferstaan       verb. understand.

ferstek          adjective. hidden.

ferstich        verb. ensnare, trap.

ferstum        verb. silence.

fersuchung             noun. temptation.

fersweefelung        noun. doubt, despair.

ferswing       verb. disappear.

ferteed          verb. defend.

ferteel           verb. distribute.

fertich           verb. finish.

fertichheet              noun. skill.

fertous         verb. manipulate.

fertrag          noun. treaty, contract.

fertreet         noun. represent.

fertret           adjective. vice (position below another, like vice president).

fertriebung             noun. distribution.

feruk    adjective. crazy.

fervalt           verb. maintain, manage, govern, administer.

fervand         adjective. related, cognate (linguistics).

ferveech       verb. refuse.

ferveegerung          noun. denial.

fervenung    noun. indulgence, leniency, forbearance.

fervir   verb. confuse.

fervirend      adjective. confusing.

ferzaak         verb. fail.

ferzee           verb. excuse.

ferzee           verb. pardon, excuse, forgive.

ferzich          verb. renounce.

ferzierung   noun. decoration.

ferzoogerung         noun. delay.

ferzouberung         noun. enchantment.

fesstell         verb. set in place.

fest      noun. feast.

fest      verb. bind.

festichheet             noun. consistency, texture of food.

fet         noun. fat.

fieber   noun. fever.

fieleech        adjective. maybe.

fielseetprosveta    noun. encyclopedia.

fielsh   verb. haggle.

fiertel            noun. quarter.

fiet       noun. bicycle.

fikasich        adjective. efficient.

fil          verb. fill.

filoshofie     noun. philosophy.

filoshofish   adjective. philosophical.

find      verb. find.

finger   noun. finger.

fish       noun. fish.

fisher   noun. fisherman.

flaak    noun. surface.

flach    adjective. flat.

flame   noun. flame.

fleech            verb. cultivate.

fleesh            noun. flesh, meat.

flek       noun. stain.

fliech   noun. fly.

fliechhave    noun. airport.

flies      verb. flow.

fliesend        adjective. fluent, flowing.

flik        noun. video.

flikspiel        noun. video game.

florie    verb. flourish.

fluchhaf       noun. airport.

flukel   noun. wing.

flukling         noun. refugee.

flur       noun. corridor.

flusichheet              noun. liquid.

fluster           verb. whisper.

fluter   verb. flutter.

fol         adjective. fully, full.

folch    verb. follow.

folgend         adjective. following.

folich   adverb. fully.

folk      noun. people (of a nation).

folkfertret   adjective. parliamentary.

folkfertretung       noun. parliament.

folkfraak      noun. referendum.

folset   adjective. complete, finished.

folvas            noun. adult.

fon        preposition. of, from.

fonetik          adjective. phonetic.

foodfaan      verb. pursue.

foodgaan     verb. proceed.

foogel           noun. bird.

footzeech    noun. footprint.

for        preposition. before, for.

foraat            noun. supply.

forang           noun. priority.

foranvoordlich       adjective. responsible.

forbee           preposition. beyond.

forbeeld       noun. example.

forbehaltend          adjective. reserved.

forbehaltich            adjective. subject to.

forbereet     verb. prepare.

forbereetung          noun. preparation.

forder            adjective. front.

forgang        noun. event.

forgeev         verb. forgive.

forhab           verb. intend.

forhershap              noun. domination.

forich   adjective. previous.

forkom         noun. ancestor.

forloyfich    adjective. temporary.

form     noun. form.

formalich     adjective. former, previous.

fornaamvoord        noun. pronoun.

forout           adjective. forward.

forrat   noun. inventory.

forroum        noun. lobby.

forshou        noun. preview.

forshung      noun. research.

forsich          noun. caution.

forsichtich              adjective. careful.

forsiter         noun. minister.

forslaak        verb. suggest.

forslaak        noun. suggestion.

forslafru      noun. prostitute. Gram: Shortened form of “forslaakfru” which is literally “suggest woman” or a woman who offers something

forslafrunerie        noun. pornography.

forspiel         noun. prologue.

forspielung             noun. improvisation.

forstand       noun. executive.

forstand       noun. chairperson.

forstel           verb. imagine.

forstelbar    adjective. imaginable.

forstelung   noun. perception, imagination.

forvoord       noun. preamble, foreword.

forzich          noun. caution.

fouer    noun. fire.

fouer    verb. fire, shoot.

fouerfechter           noun. firefighter.

foul      adjective. lazy.

foych   adjective. humid.

foyk     adjective. dread.

fraak    noun. question.

fraak    verb. ask, question.

fraakvoord              adjective. interrogative.

fraans           noun. french language.

free      adjective. free.

freed    noun. peace.

freedhof       noun. graveyard.

freedlich      adjective. peaceful.

freeheet       noun. freedom.

frem     adj. foreign.

fremder        noun. stranger.

fres      verb. binge, gorge.

friend   noun. friend.

friendlich     adjective. friendly.

friendselich            adjective. friendly.

friendshap   noun. friendship.

from     adjective. pious.

froo      adjective. happy.

frooda           noun. joy.

froode           noun. pleasure.

froolich        adverb. happily.

froozend      adjective. frozen.

frosh    noun. frog.

frou      noun. wife.

frout    verb. to look forward to.

froydich       adjective. joyful.

fru        adjective. early.

frukost         noun. breakfast.

fuks     noun. fox.

ful         verb. feel.

funke   noun. spark.

funshineer   verb. work, function.

fur        verb. lead.

furung           noun. reign, leadership.

fus        noun. foot.

futer    verb. feed.

fuzich           adverb. physically.


G  –  g


Grouda Britan        noun. Great Britain.

gaan     verb. go, walk.

gaans   noun. goose.

gabel    noun. fork.

galakie          noun. galaxy.

galakish       adjective. galactic.

gans     adjective. whole, totally.

gansendung            noun. consumation.

gar        adjective. this acts as an accentuator.

gardeena      noun. viking.

garden          noun. garden.

garden          noun. garden.

gast      noun. guest.

gebaad          adjective. destitute.

geboord        noun. birth.

geboordsdag          noun. birthday.

gebot   noun. offer.

geeb     verb. give.

geel      adjective. yellow.

geen     verb. yawn.

geest   noun. spirit.

gefaar           noun. danger.

gefaarlich    adjective. dangerous.

gefal    noun. occurence.

gefangnis    noun. jail.

gegenstand             noun. object, item, thing.

gegenteel     noun. opposite.

gegenwartich         adjective. current.

geheem         adjective. secret.

geheemlich             adjective. mysterious.

geheemnis   noun. secret.

geheern        noun. mind.

geheernshutel        noun. concussion.

gehilpe          noun. assistant.

gehoor          verb. belong.

geld      noun. money.

geldboodel              noun. wallet.

geldmitel minister           noun. finance minister.

geleegenheet          noun. opportunity.

gelegentlich            adverb. occasionally.

gemeen         adjective. common.

gemeenshap           noun. community.

gemuse         noun. vegetable.

geneemigung         noun. approval.

genie    noun. genius.

genies           verb. enjoy.

genou            adverb. exactly.

genuk            adjective. enough.

gepak   noun. luggage.

geraad           adverb. just (as in “i just did it”).

geraad           adjective. direct.

geraat           noun. device.

gerade           adjective. straight.

gern     adverb. happily.

geruk   noun. rumour.

geslech         noun. gender.

geslet            noun. lineage, generation.

gester           noun. yesterday.

gesund          adjective. healthy.

geswister     noun. sibling.

gevald           noun. violence.

geveer           noun. gun.

gevis    adjective. certain, particular, specific.

gevoon          verb. to become accustomed to.

gevoonheet             noun. habit.

gewees         verb. past tense of “zeen”. Used in the present perfect. Phon: pronounced as “gevees”

gezaam         adjective. total, whole.

gezee   verb. happen.

gezeep          noun. shop, store.

gezelich       adjective. social.

gezelshap    noun. corporation.

gezelshap    noun. society.

gezet   noun. law.

gezetlich      adjective. legal.

gezich           noun. face.

gezishte       noun. story.

gierich          adjective. greedy.

gif         noun. poison.

gifich   adjective. poisonous.

gildan            noun. tribute.

gilde     noun. guild.

glas      noun. glass.

glat       adjective. smooth, flat, straight.

glatkopich   adjective.

gleech           adjective. just (as in, “it just happened”), shortly, soon.

gleechmaasich       adjective. evenly, uniformly.

gleechung    noun. comparison.

gleeshgeslech        adjective. homosexual.

glis       verb. glow.

globaal          adjective. global.

gloob   verb. believe.

glooblage     noun. religion. Etym: Shortened form of “gloob anlage” which means “belief system”.

gluk      noun. luck, happiness.

gluklicherveese     adverb. fortunately.

gluvunsh      noun. congratulation.

go         adjective. naked.

good    adjective. good.

gorak   adjective. bitter.

gospodin      title. Mr. (shortened to Gn.)

gospoja        title. Mrs. (shortened to Gj.)

got        noun. god.

gothic           adjective. gotish.

goud    noun. gold.

goudich        adjective. golden.

graad   noun. degree.

grabung        noun. grave.

gradierung   noun. grade, mark (in school).

greefung      noun. seizure the act of taking something.

greep   verb. grab.

grens   noun. limit, fence.

grob     adjective. coarse.

grob     adjective. rough.

groon   adjective. green.

groote           noun. height.

grou     adjective. grey.

groud   adjective. big.

groudelter   noun. grandparent.

grouzam      adjective. cruel.

grube   noun. pit.

grund   noun. reason.

grund   noun. ground.

grundlich     adjective. fundamental.

grundung     noun. founding.

grunt   verb. grunt.

gruselich      adjective. creepy, unnerving.

guk       verb. look.

gultich          adjective. valid.

gunsh            verb. kiss.


H  –  h


haade   noun. hell.

haar      pronoun. his.

haart    noun. heart.

haartlich      adjective. hearty.

haartreezend          adjective. heartbreaking.

haartslach   noun. heart beat.

hab       verb. have, has.

hader   noun. discord, discontentment.

hafer    noun. oats.

hager   adjective. gaunt.

hal        noun. hall.

halb      adjective. half.

haljiena        noun. dress.

hallo     exclamation. hello.

hals      noun. neck, throat.

halter   noun. owner.

haltung         noun. attitude, pose, position, stance, view.

hamer            noun. hammer.

hamiliech     noun. protectorate.

hamster        noun. hamster.

handel           noun. commerce.

handler         noun. merchant.

handlung      noun. action.

handverk      noun. craft.

handverker              noun. technician.

hang     verb. hang.

harieba         noun. shark.

harmonie     noun. harmony.

has       verb. hate.

hasung          noun. hate.

have     noun. harbour.

he          pronoun. he.

hebich           adjective. immensely tall, very big.

heede   noun. gentile.

heel      adjective. complete, whole, intact.

heeleree       noun. therapy.

heelich          adjective. holy, sacred.

heem    noun. home.

heenshin      noun. chicken.

heer      noun. here.

heerin            advern. here in.

hees     adjective. hot.

hees     verb. to be called.

heesheet      noun. heat.

her        noun. lord.

herf      noun. autumn.

herforheb    verb. emphasize, highlight.

herin    noun. wife of a lord.

herkunf        noun. origin.

herousfaar   verb. expel, drive out.

herousgeeber         noun. editor.

hershdom    noun. realm.

herum           preposition. around.

herumalb     verb. mess around.

hervor           adverb. forth, out. Phon: pronounced “herfor”

hich      pronoun. him, himself.

hiel       verb. heal.

hilp       verb. help.

hilp       noun. help, assistance.

hilploos        adjective. helpless.

himbeer        adjective. raspberry.

himel   noun. sky.

himelkrater             noun. skyscraper.

hinder           verb. hinder.

hindernis     noun. obstacle.

hinna   preposition. behind.

hinnagrond             noun. background.

hinter   adjective. back.

hinvees         verb. point, indicate, refer, point out.

hochdat        verb. update.

hochveech   noun. highway.

hode     noun. slang term for testicles, balls, nuts.

hodudag       noun. nowadays.

hofnung       noun. hope.

hok       preposition. high.

hokburg       noun. stronghold.

hoklaad        verb. upload.

hokrechhof             noun. high court.

hokshool      noun. high school.

holsniter      noun. woodcutter.

holt      noun. wood.

hon       article. archaic definite article still used with some words like “imperator”.

honger          noun. hunger.

hongrich      adjective. hungry.

hooda            noun. today.

hoodnach     noun. tonight.

hooheet        noun. highness (used for royalty).

hool      verb. get, fetch, pick up.

hoole   noun. cave.

hoond            noun. dog.

hoonderd     noun. hundred.

hooning        noun. honey.

hoop    adjective. main.

hoopstaad   noun. capital.

hoor     verb. hear.

hop       verb. hope.

horn     noun. horn.

horteree       noun. asylum (for refugees).

hospitaal      noun. hospital.

hou       verb. hold.

hou       noun. stop.

hou fon        verb. be smitted, have a crush on.

hous     noun. house.

hout     noun. skin.

hoylend        adverb. howling.

hubsh            adjective. pretty.

hufen   adjective. disappointing.

hugel   noun. hill.

huk       noun. corner.

hut        noun. hat.


I  –  i


Islam    noun. Islam.

idee      noun. idea.

ieman   noun. someone.

iende    adjective. first.

iende minister       noun. prime minister.

iendemal      adverb. first time.

ig           pronoun. I.

igit        exclamation. said when something is disgusting.

imbis   noun. snack.

imer     adverb. always.

imieteerd     adjective. imitated.

imperator    noun. emperor.

imsitich        adjective. bordering.

in           preposition. in.

inan      preposition. within.

infeel   verb. occur to, realise, an idea comes to you.

infereedich              verb. swear in.

inhaber         noun. owner.

inhalt   noun. content.

inin       adjective. inner.

inloged         adjective. logged in.

inpack           verb. pack up.

insek    noun. insect.

insel     noun. island.

inspirie         verb. inspire.

instat   adverb. instead.

instituchun             noun. institution.

inteede         verb. take in, learn through exposure, pick something up.

interesant    adjective. interesting.

interese        noun. interest.

interesierd   adjective. interested.

internet        noun. internet.

invaasie        noun. invasion.

invaat            verb. invade.

irgartin         noun. labyrinth.

irgen    adjective. some sort.

irgeneen       adjective. any.

irgenwan      noun. some time.

irgenwas      noun. something. Phon: pronounced as “irgenvas”

irgenwer       noun. anybody, anyone. Phon: pronounced as “irgenver”

irgenwie       adverb. somehow. Phon: pronounced as “irgenvie”

irgenwo        adverb. somewhere. Phon: pronounced as “irgenvo”

isholasie      noun. isolation.

island   noun. iceland.

istorieja       noun. history.

istrazieter   noun. explorer.

istrazietie    verb. explore.

istrazietung            noun. exploration.

isu        noun. strategy.

italiaans       noun. italian.

ivieka   noun. edge, brink.

ivoor    noun. ivory.

izviedakie    noun. intelligence.


J  –  j


Judendom    noun. Judaism.

Junie    noun. June.

ja           noun. yes.

jaak      verb. chase, hunt, pursue.

jaak      noun. pursuit.

jaar       noun. year.

jadan   adjective. poor, miserable, weak, deficient, feeble.

jager    noun. hunter.

japaans         noun. japanese.

japs      verb. gasp.

jasusetu       noun. hovercraft.

je           adverb. ever.

jede      noun. everyone.

jedoch           conjunction. however.

jezero           noun. lake.

jim        noun. gym.

jo          exclamation. ok.

jon        pronoun. that (over there).

jona      adverb. already.

jude      noun. jew.

just      adverb. just, as in “just now”.


K  –  k


Kalifornien              noun. California.

Kardasianer            noun. Cardassian.

Kardasianish          adjective. Cardassian.

Katalonien   noun. Catalonia.

Klingoner     noun. Klingon.

Krisdom       noun. Christianity.

kaas     noun. cheese.

kaaserie       noun. dairy.

kaasgatou   noun. cheesecake.

kafee   noun. coffee.

kafee   noun. coffee.

kak       noun. shit, crap.

kamel   noun. camel.

kamer            noun. room.

kamera         noun. camera.

kameraadshap       noun. fellowship.

kamp   noun. conflict.

kamp   verb. fight.

kanaal           noun. channel.

kaninshen    noun. rabbit.

kanoon         noun. cannon.

kans     noun. chance.

kaos     noun. chaos.

kapieja          noun. gate.

kar        noun. car.

karot    noun. carrot.

karte    noun. map.

karte    noun. ticket.

karte    noun. menu.

kasteel          noun. castle.

kat        noun. cat.

katkie            noun. kitty.

katolish        noun. catholic.

kavala           noun. goodbye, thank you, hooray.

kavern           noun. cavern.

kek       noun. cookie.

keks     noun. cookie.

keller   noun. cellar.

ken       adjective. not a (used with objects, ken kron, not a crown).

ken       adjective. none.

kerl       noun. boy, chap.

kern     noun. core.

kers      noun. candle.

kersfees       noun. christmas.

kesel    noun. pot.

ket        noun. chain.

kiefer   noun. pine.

kien      verb. know someone, know of something.

kieninlern    verb. get to know someone.

kiet       noun. well.

kik        verb. kick.

kind      adjective. weak.

kinder           noun. children.

kinderbetroynung            noun. childcare.

kindheet       noun. childhood.

kirshe            noun. church.

kisma   noun. spine.

klaad    noun. embrace.

klaad    noun. embrace.

klaak    verb. moan.

klaak    noun. complaint.

klang   noun. sound.

klar       adjective. clear, obvious.

klar       adjective. clear, simple, unadorned.

klarheet        noun. clarity.

klas      noun. class.

kleb      verb. post, stick, adhere.

kleeder         noun. clothes.

kleedershrank        noun. wardrobe.

kleedung      noun. clothing.

kleen    adjective. small.

kleter   verb. climb.

kling    verb. sound.

klip       noun. cliff.

klirend          adjective. jangling, clattering.

klous   noun. sense, an idea, clue, used in the sense “you don’t have a clue”.

kluch   adjective. clever.

knakich        adjective. crunchy.

kneepe          noun. bar.

kniega           noun. book.

koch     noun. cook.

kochfeld       noun. stove.

koleg   noun. colleague.

kolika            noun. baby stroller.

kom      verb. come.

komandant              noun. commander.

kombinachun         noun. combination.

komedie       noun. comedy.

komershel   adjective. commercial.

komplet        adjective. complete.

komplisheerd         adjective. complex.

kon       verb. could.

konja   noun. horse.

konkurens   noun. competition.

konshol        noun. console.

konshonant            noun. consonant.

konstich       adjective. weird.

konstituchun         noun. constitution.

konto   noun. bank account.

kontroleer   verb. control.

kontrolpunt            noun. checkpoint.

koodochter             noun. princess.

kool      noun. coin, cash.

kool      adjective. cool, brisk, chilly.

koolung        noun. cooling, refrigeration.

kooning        noun. king.

kooningin    noun. queen.

kooningreech         noun. kingdom.

koop    verb. buy.

koosa   noun. hair.

kooshoon    noun. prince.

kop       noun. head.

kopie   verb. copy.

kopie   noun. copy.

kopiele          noun. bastard.

koriegie        verb. correction.

korniejaka   noun. turtle.

kos       verb. cost.

kos       noun. cost.

kou       adjective. simple.

koud    adjective. cold.

koum   adverb. hardly.

kovatie         verb. conspire.

kovatung     noun. conspiracy.

krak     noun. power, force.

krakfol          adjective. powerful.

krampich     adjective. cramped.

krank   adjective. sick.

krankhous   noun. hospital, infirmary.

krat      verb. scratch.

kriech            verb. creep.

kriek    noun. war.

kriel     noun. round, lap.

kripeerend   adjective. irritating.

kripich          adjective. irritable.

kritich           adjective. critical.

kritik   noun. review.

kron     noun. crown.

kroonung     noun. coronation.

krooz   verb. cruise.

kruch   noun. circle.

krum    adjective. skew, crooked.

krumel          verb. crumble.

krumel          noun. crumb.

ku         noun. cow.

kub       noun. cube.

kudo    noun. miracle.

kugel   noun. sphere.

kulise   noun. scene.

kulturaal      adjective. cultural.

kumpel         noun. guy.

kundich        verb. fire, terminate.

kundigung   noun. termination, firing.

kunlich         adjective. artificial.

kunspraak   noun. conlang.

kunster         noun. artist.

kurs     noun. course.

kurs     adjective. short.

kurslich        adverb. recently.

kurva   noun. slut, whore.

kurvenreech           adjective. curvaceous.

kushelich     adjective. cuddly.

kust     noun. coast.

kwaad           adjective. cross, angry, mad.

kwadrant     noun. quadrant.

kwatsh          noun. rubbish, nonsense.

kwele   noun. source.

kwitung        noun. bill, invoice.


L  –  l


laad      noun. cargo, shipment.

laadend         adverb. unfortunately.

laan      adjective. low.

lach      verb. laugh.

lachung        noun. laughter.

lage      noun. nest, lair, storehouse.

lak        noun. paint.

lamfleesh     noun. lamb meat.

land      noun. land, country.

landfasich   adjective. constitutional.

landfasung              noun. constitution.

landlich        adjective. nationalistic.

landshap      noun. landscape.

landshapbounung             noun. landscaping.

lang      adjective. long.

langheet       noun. length, duration.

langveeld     adjective. bored.

langveelich              adjective. boring.

langzaam     adjective. slow.

larm     noun. noise.

las         verb. let.

lasserhafich            adjective. vicious.

laterne          noun. lantern.

lechel   noun. smile.

lechun           noun. lesson.

ledich   adjective. single (romantically).

lediena          noun. wasteland.

ledsen           adjective. sorry.

leech    verb. lie (position, not deception).

leed      verb. suffer.

leedung        noun. suffering.

leen      verb. borrow.

leer       adjective. hollow, empty.

lees      verb. read.

leesh    adjective. easy.

leeshel          noun. smile.

leesung         noun. reading.

leet       verb. lead, control, run.

leev      verb. live.

legende         noun. legend.

leker    adjective. delicious, yummy.

lente    noun. spring.

lern       verb. learn.

lerner   noun. student.

lerner   noun. student.

lernprogram           noun. tutorial.

lese      noun. corpse.

let         adjective. last.

leve      noun. life.

levesmidel   noun. groceries.

liberaal         adjective. very open, gregarious.

lich       noun. light.

lieb       verb. love.

liebedien      verb. fawn over.

liebhaberee             noun. hobby.

liebling         noun. favourite.

lied       noun. song.

liefer    verb. deliver.

liefie    noun. significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend.

lies       adjective. soft.

liesend          adverb. softly.

lik         verb. lick.

likor     noun. liquor.

linie      noun. line.

links     adverb. left.

lip         noun. lip.

list        adverb. rolling, ambling.

liste      noun. list.

lokish            noun. logic.

lokish            adjective. logical.

loob      verb. praise.

looda   noun. people.

loodsteen    noun. magnet.

loofel   noun. spoon.

look      noun. hole.

loon      noun. wage.

loonend        adjective. rewarding.

loos      verb. solve.

loove    noun. lion.

lopast            adjective. round.

loslas   verb. release.

loup      verb. run.

lout      adjective. loud.

lout      adjective. loud, moisy.

ludielich       adjective. mad, crazy.

ludielou        noun. madness.

luf         noun. air.

lufen    noun. infatuation.

lug        verb. lie (deception).

lugner           noun. liar.

lumel   verb. slouch.

lunsh   noun. lunch.


M  –  m


Maars   noun. March (month).

maak    verb. like.

maal     verb. draw, paint.

maal     noun. meal.

machshap    non. engineering.

machshaper            noun. engineer.

machtich      adjective. mighty.

mad      noun. girl.

mageethum             noun. tribe.

majesteet    noun. majesty.

majoor          noun. major.

mak      verb. make, do, create.

makler          noun. agent.

maklich        adjective. easy.

mal       noun. time, occurence, happening.

mal       verb. aspire to.

man      pronoun. one you (general, as in “when you cross the road”).

mangel          adjective. lack.

mangel          verb. lack.

mansh           adjective. some.

manshmal    adverb. sometimes.

manulie        adjective. crazy.

mark    noun. market.

marzier         verb. march.

maserung    noun. texture.

masnaame   noun. measure, action, step, move.

mast    noun. pylon.

med      adverb. with.

medarbeed              verb. cooperate.

meddag        noun. wednesday.

medien          noun. media.

medisien      noun. medicine.

medisinish   adjective. medical.

mednos        noun. art.

mednoslich             adjective. creative, artistic.

mednoslichheet    noun. creativity.

meed    noun. mead.

meen    pronoun. my.

meenung      noun. opinion.

meer    adjective. more.

meerheet     noun. majority.

mees    adjective. most.

meesa           noun. service.

meester        noun. master.

meesterstuk           noun. masterpiece.

meetee          noun. traveller.

mekaar         adverb. each other.

meklich        adjective. soft.

meklich        adjective. gentle, soft.

meklichheet            noun. softness, tenderness.

melch   noun. milk.

men      conjunction. but.

menge           adverb. a lot.

mengenmaasich    adjective. proportional.

menshen      noun. humanity.

menshlich    adjective. human.

merk    verb. realise.

merklich       adjective. distinct.

merkung      noun. comment, remark.

merkvertich            adjective. noteworthy.

mese    noun. knife.

meshatel      noun. interposition.

metaal           noun. metal.

metode         noun. method.

mich     pronoun. me.

midel   adjective. middle.

miech   verb. may, might.

miel      noun. maize, corn.

mien     verb. mine.

mienung       noun. mining.

mies     noun. mouse.

migraat         verb. migrate.

mild      adjective. moderate.

miljun           noun. million.

minder          adverb. less.

minderheet             noun. minority.

mindes          adverb. at least.

miner   noun. miner.

mineraal       noun. mineral.

minut   noun. minute.

mis       noun. miss.

mish     verb. mix.

mishandlung          noun. abuse.

mishdrank   noun. cocktail.

mishung       noun. mix.

mist     noun. manure.

mite     noun. myth.

miteel            verb. send someone a message, announce.

miteelung    noun. statement, announcement, message.

mitel    noun. medium, resource.

mitelmaasich         adjective. mediocre.

mitgleed       verb. accompany.

mitglied        noun. member.

mitgliedshap          noun. commonwealth, brotherhood, fellowship.

mitleed         noun. sympathy.

mitwit           noun. conscience.

mobilizeer   verb. mobilise.

moder           noun. mother.

modievatie              verb. motivate.

modus           noun. mode.

moment        noun. moment.

monaad        noun. month.

monster       noun. monster.

mont    verb. mount, install, fit, erect.

mooglich      adjective. possible.

mooltier       noun. mule.

moon   noun. moon.

moondag      noun. monday. Phon: pronounced “moondach”

mork    noun. morning.

mouer           noun. wall.

moul    noun. mouth.

moulvurfhugel       noun. molehill.

moyter          noun. rebel.

mud      adjective. tired.

muke   noun. mosquito.

musam          adverb. tiring.

muskel          noun. muscle.

muss    verb. must.

musstul        noun. museum.

mutich          adjective. brave, courageous.

mutichheet             noun. bravery.

muzee           noun. museum.

muziech       noun. music.


N  –  n


na          preposition. after, towards.

naam    noun. name.

naamvoord              noun. noun.

naar      noun. fool.

naas     noun. nose.

nabee   adjective. nearby.

nach     noun. night. Note: comes from Kaasian

nachbar        noun. neighbour.

nachbarshap           noun. neighbourhood.

nachdenk     verb. consider, reflect.

nacherzaalung       noun. retelling.

nachrich       noun. news, article, a post.

nachun          noun. nation.

nachunaal    adjective. national.

nad       noun. grace.

nadag   noun. tomorrow. Phon: pronounced “natach”

nadich           adjective. gracious.

nafraak         verb. ask for, request.

nafraak         noun. request.

naka     verb. care.

nakin   noun. accent.

naklost         verb. favour.

nakomer       noun. descendant.

nalook           noun. order, command.

namidag       noun. afternoon.

namuk           verb. suffer.

napredak      noun. progress.

napredan      adjective. progressive, advanced.

narbe   noun. scar.

narung          noun. food.

naslof            noun. title.

nativ    adjective. native.

natur    noun. nature.

naturaal        adjective. natural.

natuz   adjective. sad.

nebelich       adjective. misty.

nebin   adjective. near, alongside.

nech     noun. boy.

nederlands              noun. netherlands.

nedostich    adjective. unworthy.

nee       noun. no.

neechin         noun. nineteen.

neem    verb. take.

neen     noun. nine.

neende          adjective. ninth.

neensich      noun. ninety.

neerd   verb. get close to, approach.

neesh   adjective. next.

neeshmal     adverb. next time.

nefe      noun. nephew.

nefikasich   adjective. inefficient.

negativ         adjective. negative.

nemirend     adjective. disturbing.

nen       verb. to name.

nermanish   adjective. negligent.

nervoos        adjective. nervous.

net        adverb. just (as in “just go”).

netaneem     verb. disapprove.

netdevolan              adjective. displeased.

netendek      adjective. undiscovered.

nieder            adjective. lower.

niemal           adverb. never.

nieman          noun. no one, nobody.

nien      noun. knee.

niesin   noun. nothing.

niet       adverb. not.

nietmor        adverb. anymore.

nirgendwo   noun. nowhere. Phon: pronounced “nirgendvo”

nobe     noun. imp.

nok       adverb. again, still.

noma   noun. number.

noor     adverb. only.

noord   noun. north.

nootich         adjective. necessary.

nootichheet            noun. necessity.

normaal        adjective. normal.


notfal   noun. emergency.

notfalich      adjective. emergency.

notisblok     noun. notepad.

novinskie     noun. newspaper.

noznie           noun. toe.

nu         adverb. now.

nuchte          noun. niece.

nugierich     adjective. curious.

nuheet          noun. present.

nul        noun. zero.

nut        adjective. new.


O  –  o


Oyroope       noun. Europe.

ob         conditional. whether.

obeleet         verb. catch.

oben     preposition. above, up.

obermaat     noun. chief petty officer.

oblepietie    verb. covr.

obvool           conjunction. although, though.

obzier           verb. respect.

odelene         noun. department.

oder     conjunction. or.

oder     conjunction. or.

odliekaan     adjective. cool, awesome, brilliant, excellent.

of          adjective. often.

ofer      noun. victim, sacrifice.

ofer      verb. sacrifice.

oferheed      noun. victimhood.

ofiser   noun. officer.

ofishel          adjective. official.

okieledan     adjective. apparent.

om        preposition. around.

om        auxiliary. in order to.

oma      noun. grandmother.

omfasend    adjective. extensive, comprehensive.

omform        verb. reshape.

omformung             noun. reshaping.

omfrage       noun. poll, survey.

omka   noun. sling.

omlout          noun. umlaut.

omord           verb. rearrange.

onabhangich           adjective. independent.

onabhangichheet              noun. independence.

onastoosh   verb. support.

onastooshe             noun. fan, supporter.

onbedroolich          adjective. unthreatening.

onbeflek       adjective. pristine, immaculate, pure.

onbenootigung      noun. inability.

onbesiegbar            adjective. invincible.

onderneemung      noun. enterprise, undertaking, operation.

oneegnet      adjective. unsuited.

onfernunfich          adjective. unreasonable.

onfluk           adjective. unfledged.

ongefaar      adjective. near, around, about.

ongehouerlich        adjective. atrocious, monstrous, outrageous.

ongehoyer   adjective. prodigious, immense, tremendous.

onglooblich             adjective. unbelievable.

ongluk          noun. mistake, accident.

onglukicherveese             adverb. unfortunately.

onheemlich             adverb. incredibly.

onklar           adjective. unclear.

onmooglich             adjective. impossible.

onnafaan      verb. shut down.

onnashuk     verb. investigate.

onnaturaal   adjective. unnatural.

onneembar              adjective. inalienable.

onrech          noun. injustice.

onregelheet            noun. irregularity.

onregelich   adjective. irregular.

onstoord      adjective. undisturbed.

onsweedootich      adjective. unambiguous.

ontat    noun. atrocity.

onvaarsheenlich    adjective. improbable, unlikely.

onvisheet     noun. ignorance.

ook       conjunction. also.

ookin   noun. eighteen.

oone     adverb. without.

oongehouerlich     adjective. terrible, outrageous.

oor        noun. ear.

oord     noun. place.

oorlok           noun. war.

oorloub         noun. holiday.

oortaling      noun. translation.

oorteel          verb. judge, sentence (law).

oorteelung   noun. judgement, verdict.

oos       adjective. east.

opa       noun. grandfather.

open     verb. open.

operachun   noun. operation.

opmunterung         noun. cheering up.

oproum         verb. clean up.

opstaan        verb. stand up.

opvondend              adjective. excited.

oranje           adjective. orange.

ordenlich     adjective. neat, cute.

ordnung       noun. order.

orman           noun. jungle.

orude   noun. weapon.

osetie            verb. feel.

oskudan       adjective. barren.

osnak   noun. sign.

oswietee      verb. dedicate.

otmen           adjective. noble.

ouf        preposition. on at in (speak in).

oufblas         verb. bloat.

oufbreech    verb. break up.

oufgabe        noun. homework.

oufgeeb        verb. abandon.

oufhoor        verb. stop.

oufklarung              noun. enlightenment.

ouflosung    noun. solution liquidation.

oufmerksam           adjective. watchful, alert.

oufmerksamheet              noun. attention.

oufneem       verb. record, pick up.

oufnet           noun. online.

oufreech      verb. get upset.

oufres           verb. gobble up.

oufruf           verb. appeal, call up, invoke, summon.

oufspur        verb. track down, find.

oufstaan      verb. arise.

ouftraak       noun. mandate, task, order, job, mission.

ouftrak         noun. task, errand.

ouftret          verb. appear.

ouftretung   noun. appearance.

oufvak          verb. wake up.

oufzat           noun. essay, document, manuscript.

oug       noun. eye.

ougzoyk       noun. eye witness.

oul        noun. owl.

ous       preposition. out.

ousbildung              noun. training.

ousbreedung          adjective. spreading.

ousbreet      verb. spread out.

ousdrukfol              adjective. expressive.

ouse     noun. oasis.

ouserspraakshap              noun. exolinguistics.

ousfur           verb. export.

ousgaan       verb. date (romantic).

ousgab          noun. expense.

ouskom        verb. come out.

ouslander    noun. outsider.

ousloos        verb. trigger.

ousloosung             noun. the triggering of someone.

ousmak        verb. reconcilate, bury the hatchet.

oussetung   noun. suspension.

oussien         verb. to look like.

ousspraak   noun. pronunciation.

ousstaan      verb. stand out.

oustrit          noun. resignation.

ousweichend          adverb. evasive.

outeekend   adjective. outstanding, impressive.

ouzourie      noun. lizard.

oven     noun. oven.

over      preposition. about.

overaash      verb. surprise.

overaash      adjective. surprised.

overaashend           adjective. surprising.

overal            noun. everywhere.

overfal          verb. ambush.

overhoop     adverb. at all, overall. Wieso hab das overhoop? Why have that at all?

overkwer      verb. cross, traverse, pass.

overleeb       verb. survive.

overleev       verb. survive.

overleevung            noun. survival.

overlis           verb. outwit.

overmasich             adjective. excessive.

overset         verb. translate.

oversetung              noun. translation.

overshool    noun. university.

overshreet   verb. exceed.

overshus      adjective. excess.

oversien       noun. overview.

overtragung            noun. transmission.

overtrep       verb. outdo.

overuptreba            noun. exploitation.

overwachung          noun. surveillance, monitoring.

overzeet       noun. overtime.

oyer      pronoun. archaic form of “your”.

oyropeenish            adjective. european.


P  –  p


paar      noun. pair, couple, a bit, a few.

pak       verb. pack.

palaad           noun. knight.

pamiesie      verb. remember.

pamieslich   adjective. memorable.

panserend   adjective. armoured.

papagee        noun. parrot.

papie    noun. paper.

parkplat       noun. parking lot.

part      noun. a small piece, a little bit.

pas       noun. passport.

pas       verb. fit.

pas       verb. pass.

paseer           verb. happen.

pasvoord      noun. password.

patieka         noun. small bird.

patka   noun. duck.

peel      noun. arrow.

peglatie        noun. iron.

pelsich          adjective. furry.

pen       noun. pen.

pershoon     noun. person.

piejan            adjective. drunk.

piepatie        verb. feel.

pile       noun. idiot, asshole, dick.

pilger   noun. pilgrim.

pils       noun. mushroom.

plachung      noun. crying, tears.

plak      verb. cry.

plan      verb. plan.

planet            noun. planet.

plash    verb. burst.

plate    noun. plate.

plesier           noun. pleasure. Can be used in response to “kavala” to mean “it’s a pleasure”

pleteniek      noun. braid, ponytail.

plich     noun. obligation, duty.

ploodich       adjective. suddenly.

pohot   noun. lecher, drunkard.

poklon          noun. gift.

poklon          verb. donate, give a gift.

poliezee       noun. police.

politish         adjective. political.

ponisten       noun. nullification.

poobe            noun. run, jog.

poom   noun. commemoration.

poosa   noun. essay, poem, ode.

poruka          noun. message.

positiv          adjective. positive.

post     noun. mail.

postatung    noun. becoming.

pot        verb. leave, move.

pote     noun. paw.

potlood         noun. pencil.

pouk    noun. spider.

pouse   noun. pause.

poziechun   noun. position.

praat    verb. speak, talk.

praater          noun. spokesperson.

prachfol       adjective. marvellous, splendid, opulent.

prachtich     adjective. beautiful.

praviete        noun. administrator, president, leader.

pravietemanshap              noun. president’s cabinet.

pravietung   noun. administration.

prazan          adjective. empty.

predak          noun. omen.

predenja       noun. threat.

prees   noun. price.

preeskar       noun. taxi.

preko   preposition. across.

prelend         adverb. bouncing.

prestasie      noun. accomplishment.

prestasie      verb. accomplish.

pret      noun. fun.

pret      verb. to have fun.

pretfol          adjective. fun.

preziedent   noun. governor.

prezier          adjective. contempt.

priekupietie            verb. summon.

pries    noun. priest.

prievak         noun. leader.

prima   adjective. great, terrific, splendid.

primitiev      adjective. primitive.

privem          adjective. provisional.

pro        noun. per (week/hour/etc..)

probleem     noun. problem.

produseer    verb. produce.

profil   noun. profile.

profundich              adjective. profound.

profundichheet     noun. profundity.

program       noun. program.

proo     adjective. pretty, cute.

prost    noun. toast (at a dinner, or a party).

prosveta       noun. education.

protesachun           noun. protest, march, demonstration.

protestant   noun. protestant.

protester     noun. protester.

provook        verb. provoke.

publich         adjective. public.

puls      noun. pulse.

punklich       adjective. punctual.

punt     noun. point.

purpor           adjective. purple.


R  –  r


raat      noun. council.

rabe      noun. raven.

rach      verb. avenge.

rache   noun. revenge.

rachunaal     adjective. rational.

rad        noun. wheel.

radietie         verb. radiate.

radnieska     noun. labour.

radost           noun. joy.

rand     noun. edge, bank (of a river).

ras        verb. hurry, scuttle, race, hurtle, careen.

rase      noun. race.

rasis     adjective. racist.

rasist   noun. racist.

raspolo         noun. mood.

rat         noun. rat.

razier   verb. shave.

razliech        adjective. different.

razor    noun. razor.

rech      adjective. correct, proper.

rech      noun. right, justice.

rechhof         noun. court.

rechs   noun. right (direction).

reeb      verb. rub.

reech   adjective. rich.

reech   noun. empire.

reechun        noun. reaction.

reed      verb. chat.

reeder           noun. knight.

reektich        adjective. really, very.

reenbook     noun. rainbow.

reesagent    noun. travel agent.

reesh   verb. rip.

reet      verb. ride.

reet      noun. ride.

regeer           verb. to rule to govern.

regeerung    noun. reign.

regeerungmanshap          noun. cabinet (political).

regel    noun. rule.

regelheet     noun. regularity.

regelich        adjective. regular.

regent           noun. regent, steward.

reka      noun. river.

ren        verb. run.

reparie          verb. repair.

republiech   noun. republic.

republiech   noun. republic.

resep   noun. recipe.

resheenje     noun. solution.

residum        noun. residue.

respek           verb. respect.

rest      noun. rest, remainder.

restoorang              noun. restaurant.

ret         noun. rescue, save.

revoluchun              noun. revolution.

richtich         adjective. correct, valid.

richtung       noun. direction.

rieba    noun. fish.

riech    verb. smell.

rieka    noun. roar.

riesich           adjective. giant, huge.

rinde    noun. crust.

rindfleesh    noun. beef.

rinerung       noun. memory.

ris         verb. tear.

risiko   noun. risk.

risk       noun. risk.

risvunde       noun. laceration.

ritam    noun. rhythm.

riznie   noun. treasure.

rodaka          noun. cousin.

rol         verb. roll.

rolprent        noun. motion picture.

roman           noun. novel.

romish          noun. roman.

rood     adjective. red.

room    noun. cream.

roor      verb. stir.

roost    verb. cook.

roostbrood              noun. toast.

rosa      adjective. pink.

rostich          adjective. rusty.

rouk     noun. smoke.

roum    noun. space (astronomical), area.

roumship     noun. spaceship.

roumstachun          noun. space station.

roupe   noun. caterpillar.

rous     preposition. out.

rudniech       noun. mine.

ruf        verb. call, hail.

ruhich           adjective. calm.

rukatie          verb. handle, bear, feel.

rukovo          noun. manager.

ruksha          noun. plains.

ruktrit           noun. withdrawal.

rum      noun. fame, glory.

rump    noun. bum, bottom.

rund     adjective. round.

runna   adverb. down.

runnalaad    verb. download.

runnastaan              verb. stand down.

runnastaan              verb. step down.

runsel            verb. wrinkle.

rus        noun. rest, recharge, refreshment.

rusish            noun. russian.

rustung        noun. armour.

rut        verb. shake.

ruzan   adjective. ugly.


S  –  s


Spaanien      noun. Spain.

Spanien         noun. Spain.

saak     verb. say.

saal      verb. matter, count.

sand     noun. sand.

sanf      adjective. gentle.

sanja    noun. dream.

sarkastish   adjective. sarcastic.

sastanak      noun. meeting.

saterdag       noun. saturday.

se          pronoun. she.

sedan   conjunction. since.

see        noun. sea.

seeg     verb. bless.

seep     noun. soap.

sekond          noun. second (of time).

sekreteer     noun. secretary.

selbachun    noun. self esteem.

selbstatich              adjective. automatic.

selfstandich           verb. independent.

semantish   adjective. semantic.

separaat       verb. separate.

separachun             noun. separation.

serstreet      verb. spread.

set        verb. set, put.

set        noun. film set.

seta      noun. mead bench.

shaad   verb. damage.

shaadung     noun. damage.

shaal    noun. count, tally, total.

shaan   noun. tooth.

shaanart       noun. dentist.

shabora        verb. forget.

shachin         noun. sauce.

shad     verb. hurt.

shadel           noun. saddle.

shadravou   verb. greet.

shafier          noun. sapphire.

shak     noun. thing, affair.

shale    noun. bowl.

shalt    noun. salt.

shaltung       noun. circuit.

shand   noun. shame.

shand   noun. shame.

shap     verb. create.

shaper           noun. creator.

shapung       noun. creation.

sharazietie              noun. infestation.

sharp   adjective. sharp.

sharpshuter            noun. marksman, sharp shooter.

shat      noun. shadow, sentence (words).

shavakan     noun. state, country.

shavet           noun. advice.

shazlutie      verb. deserve.

sheek   noun. sixteen.

shie      verb. sew.

shik      verb. send.

shild     noun. shield.

shildkroote             noun. turtle.

shinees         noun. chinese.

shirm   noun. screen.

sho       adverb. so.

shofortich   adverb. immediately.

shogar          adverb. even.

shokolaad    noun. chocolate.

sholdaat       noun. soldier.

shomer         noun. summer.

shon     noun. sun.

shondag       noun. sunday.

shonder        conjunction. otherwise, but rather.

shonich        adjective. sunny.

shonich        adjective. sunny.

shons   adverb. otherwise.

shonunagang         noun. sundown.

shoob            noun. seventeen.

shool   noun. school.

shoon            adjective. pretty, handsome.

shoon            noun. son.

shoonheet   noun. beauty.

shoort           noun. sort.

shooz            verb. protect.

shoozung    noun. protection.

shork   verb. worry.

shou     verb. look at, watch.

shouber        adjective. clean.

shouch          verb. suck.

shoude          verb. should have.

shouer          noun. shoulder.

shouf   verb. sigh.

shoumich     adjective. overdue, outstanding, tardy.

shouspiel     noun. spectacle, play.

shouspieler             noun. actor.

shout   noun. shout, shreek.

shout   adverb. south.

showas         noun. something like this. Phon: pronounced “shovas”

shoy     noun. awe.

shoyk   noun. stuff.

shree   verb. scream.

shreeb           verb. write.

shreebend   adjective. written.

shreeber       noun. author.

shreebfel     noun. typo.

shreebung   noun. text.

shrek   noun. terror.

shrekvolf     noun. direwolf.

shrit     noun. step.

shubiena      noun. fate.

shubukan     adjective. messy.

shugenbrecher      noun. tongue twister.

shuk     verb. seek, look for, search.

shuk     noun. train.

shukd            adjective. searched for, sought after.

shukstachun          noun. train station.

shukunf        noun. future.

shulas           verb. let happen.

shulasich     adjective. acceptable.

shuld   noun. fault, blame.

shuld   verb. owe.

shuma           noun. ranger.

shund            noun. sin.

shund            verb. sin.

shuruk          adverb. back.

shurukbleeb           verb. remain behind.

shus     adjective. sweet, cute.

shusage        noun. commitment.

shusien         verb. watch.

shustimung            noun. agreement.

shutel            verb. shake.

shuzamen    adjective. together.

shuzamenhang      noun. context.

shuzat          noun. addition.

shuzat          adjective. additional.

shuzatlich   adjective. in addition.

sich      pronoun. her, herself.

sied      verb. boil.

sien      verb. see.

sikil      noun. sigil.

silber   noun. silver.

silber   adjective. silver.

simfonie       noun. symphony.

simulachun             noun. simulation.

sin        noun. sense.

sing      verb. sing.

singer            noun. singer.

sistem           noun. system.

skaap   noun. sheep.

skalon           adjective. prone.

skeefie          noun. chips.

sklav    noun. slave.

skrit     adjectiv. mean, horrible, miserly, stingy.

skuge   noun. forest.

skupiena      noun. group.

slaak    verb. hit.

slaak    noun. battle.

slaap    noun. sleep.

slaberich      adjective. watery (food).

slach    verb. slaughter.

slagalieka    noun. jigsaw puzzle.

slang    noun. snake.

slesh    adjective. bad.

slon      noun. elephant.

slos      verb. close.

slosen           adjective. closed.

slosenhirnich         adjective. close minded.

sluk      verb. swallow.

slusel   noun. key.

slush    noun. conclusion.

slutie   verb. serve.

smert   noun. pain.

smeterling   noun. butterfly.

smied   verb. forge.

smiedung     noun. forging.

smierlich      adjective. calm.

smies   verb. sense.

smies   noun. sense.

smor    verb. swelter.

snazich         adjective. determined, strong minded.

snee     noun. snow.

sneeder        noun. tailor.

sneekar        noun. snowmobile.

snel      adjective. fast.

snit       verb. cut.

snitstele       noun. interface.

snost   noun. bear.

snur     noun. string.

sonoufgaan             noun. sunrise.

sou       noun. sow.

spaad   adjective. late.

spaader        adverb. later.

spaans          noun. spanish language.

spagad          noun. the splits (gymanistics).

spanend       adjective. exciting.

spanung       noun. excitement.

spas     noun. fun.

spaziegang             noun. walk.

speesees      noun. ice cream.

spek     noun. bacon.

speshel         adjective. special.

speshialiteet          noun. specialty.

spezie           noun. specie.

spiel     noun. game.

spiel     verb. play.

spieler           noun. player.

spielplat       noun. playground.

spielshoyk   noun. toy.

spieltat         noun. gameplay.

spien    noun. spy.

spies    verb. skewer, spike, stab.

spit       noun. the top of something.

spitel   noun. spy.

spoor   noun. trace.

spout   verb. spit.

spraak           noun. language.

spraakshap             noun. linguistics.

spraakshaper         noun. linguist.

spring           verb. jump.

sprint   verb. sprint.

sput     verb. squirt.

staad   noun. city.

staan   verb. stand.

stachun        noun. station.

stak      noun. sting.

stam    noun. tribe.

standaard    noun. standard.

standich       adjective. consistently, repeatedly, continuous.

stanol            noun. tinfoil.

stapel            verb. stack.

stark    adjective. strong.

starkheet     noun. strength.

start     verb. start.

stasie   noun. station.

statfinden   verb. take place.

statu    noun. statue.

steegung      noun. slope.

steel     verb. steal.

steen   noun. stone.

stel       verb. place.

stelung         noun. post, position, provision.

ster      noun. star.

sterflot         noun. starfleet.

sternlich      noun. sunlight.

sterv    verb. die.

stervlich       adjective. mortal.

stich    verb. puncture.

stichdag       noun. deadline.

stil        adjective. silent, quiet.

stim     verb. vote.

stim     noun. voice.

stof      noun. fabric.

stof      noun. material.

stok     noun. stick.

stol       adjective. proud.

stolend         adjective. stolen.

stolt     noun. pride.

stood   verb. push.

stool    noun. chair.

stop     verb. stop.

stoub   noun. dust.

strana           noun. side.

stranakie     noun. party.

strand           noun. beach.

stras    noun. beach.

stras    noun. street.

straseke       noun. street corner.

streech         verb. joke.

street   verb. argue.

streng           adjective. intense.

streve            verb. arrive.

strika   noun. uncle.

stroo    noun. straw.

struja   noun. electricity.

studier          noun. study.

stuk     noun. piece.

sturm   noun. storm.

sturs    verb. swoop.

su          infinitve marker. to.

su          adverb. too.

sufor    adverb. before, yet, as in “no one has done it yet”.

sugeeb          verb. confess, reveal.

suhoor          verb. listen to.

sushou          verb. look on.

sutrep           verb. apply.

svanich         adjective. formal.

sviera   noun. purpose.

swalbe          noun. swallow (bird).

swans            noun. tail.

swansich      noun. twenty.

swart   noun. black.

sweeb            verb. hover.

sweech         verb. silence.

sweede         adjective. second.

sweedies      noun. swedish.

sweedootich           adjective. ambiguous.

sweefel         noun. doubt.

sweemal       adverb. twice.

sweenerfleesh       noun. pork.

swees            noun. sweat.

sweetaalich             adjective. bilingual.

swer     adjective. heavy.

swerd   noun. sword.

swester        noun. sister.

swierich       adjective. difficult.

swin     noun. twin.

swing   verb. swing.

swishin         preposition. between.

swolend        adjective. swollen.

swor     verb. swear (an oath).

shugaan       noun. approach.


T  –  t


tadel    noun. criticism.

tafel     noun. table.

tak        verb. beat.

tal         noun. valley.

talent   noun. talent.

talrik    noun. bowl.

taper    adjective. brave, courageous.

tarn      verb. hide.

tase      noun. cup.

taste    noun. keyboard.

tat         noun. act.

tatichheet    noun. activity.

tatsaak         noun. fact.

tee        noun. tea.

teech   noun. pond.

teed      verb. teach.

teeder           noun. teacher.

teel       verb. share, part, divide.

teelend         adjective. divided.

teelshirm     noun. split-screen.

teelung         noun. part, sharing.

teelveese     adverb. piece by piece.

teen      preposition. against.

teerie   noun. theory.

telefon          noun. telephone.

telo       noun. body.

tetka    noun. aunt.

tiefoon          noun. typhoon.

tiefung          noun. depth.

tiep       adjective. deep.

time     noun. hour.

tip         noun. tip.

tip         noun. tip.

tod        noun. death.

tod        adjective. dead.

toilete           noun. toilet.

ton        noun. audio.

ton        noun. tone.

toordag        noun. thursday.

tor        noun. gate, door, gateway, portal.

totaal   adverb. totally.

toud     verb. kill.

touder           noun. murderer.

touder           noun. killer.

tous     adverb. absolutely.

tousend        noun. thousand.

toush   verb. deceive.

touve   noun. dove.

toyfil    noun. devil.

toylet   noun. toilet.

toylet   noun. toilet.

toysh   verb. fake, deceive, counterfeit, falsify.

toysher         noun. faker.

traager          noun. carrier, bearer.

traak    verb. wear, carry.

traan    noun. tear.

trank    noun. potion.

trava    noun. grass.

treed    noun. thread.

trenung        noun. segregation.

trep      verb. meet.

trodem          conjunction. nonetheless.

trok      adjective. dry.

tronk   noun. prison.

troon   noun. throne.

tropend        adverb. dripping.

trotem          adjective. in spite of.

trou      adjective. loyal.

troum            noun. dream.

troy      noun. loyalty.

tru        verb. believe, think (opinion).

truch    verb. cheat.

trup      noun. troop.

tuch     verb. chew.

tup        noun. type.

tupish           adjective. typical.

turnier          noun. tournament.

twee     noun. two.

twelf    noun. twelve.


U  –  u


ub         verb. practise.

ubrigens       adverb. anyways, by the way.

ubung            noun. practice.

unabrook     verb. interrupt.

unafurung   noun. tunnel.

unahaltung              noun. conversation.

unashreebung        noun. subtitle.

unasuk          noun. experiment.

universiteet            noun. university.

universum   noun. universe.

unk       verb. doom.

unkie   noun. doom.

unna     preposition. under.

unnagraab   verb. undermine.

unnagrund   noun. underground.

unnagrundbaan     noun. subway.

unnaneem    noun. company, firm, business.

unnaroum    noun. subspace.

uns       pronoun. us.

unser   pronoun. our.

uprava           noun. government.

upravana      adjective. governmental.

ur          noun. clock.

urgermanish           adjective. Proto Germanic.

urindogermanish              adjective. Proto Indo European.

urveldlich    adjective. primordial.

ushaz   noun. terror.

ushazer        noun. terrorist.

ushazung     noun. terrorism.

ustalich        noun. stale.

ustanova      noun. facility.

utal       noun. pronunciation.

uvestie          verb. introduce.


V  –  v


vaak     verb. dare.

vaal      noun. choice, election, poll.

vaal      verb. choose.

vaalbar          adjective. eligible.

vaaler   noun. voter.

vaalloos        adjective.

vaar      adjective. true.

vaard   noun. fourteen. Phon: pronounced as faard

vaarend        conjunction. while.

vaarheet       noun. truth.

vaarneem     verb. perceive.

vaarsheenlich         adjective. probable.

vaarsheenlich         adjective. likely.

vacher           noun. watcher.

vachpost      noun. lookout.

vacht   noun. pelt, skin.

vak       verb. watch.

vak       adjective. awake.

valast   verb. dominate.

vald      noun. forest.

valnus           noun. walnut.

vander           noun. walker.

vanich           noun. official.

varenzeechung      noun. trademark.

varn      verb. warn.

varnung        noun. warning.

vart      verb. wait.

vaser    noun. water.

vash     noun. washing.

vebblad         noun. website.

vech     noun. path.

vech     adverb. away.

vechel           verb. change.

vechhou       verb. chip away.

ved       verb. bet.

veder   noun. weather.

veder … nok          expression. neither … nor.

vee        noun. four. Phon: pronounced “fee”

veech   adjective. weak.

veede   adjective. fourth. Phon: pronounced “feede”

veeklich        adverb. really.

veel      conjunction. because.

veeler   noun. hamlet.

veen     noun. wine.

vees     verb. know.

veese   noun. way, method.

veesheet      noun. knowledge.

veesich         noun. forty. Phon: pronounced “feesich”

veet      adjective. far.

veeter            adverb. further.

veetergaan              verb. continue.

veezin           noun. being.

vegetariaaner         noun. vegetarian.

vegin    conjunction. because of.

veld      noun. world.

vele      noun. wave.

velekatie      verb. celebrate.

velpe    noun. whelp, cub, pup.

ven       conjunction. if.

vens     verb. wish.

vera      noun. faith.

verchun        noun. version.

verd      verb. be (used with passive voice), turn into.

verf      verb. throw.

verk      verb. work, operate, function.

verkman       noun. workman, craftsman.

verkshoyk   noun. tool.

verkstat       noun. studio, work place.

verkvoord    noun. verb.

verlikheet    noun. reality.

ves        noun. west.

vesenlich     adjective. essentially.

vesenung     noun. basics, fundamentals.

vesteen         noun. whetstone.

vezba   noun. exercise.

vidme   verb. dedicate.

vidmung       noun. dedication.

vieder            adverb. again.

viedergeeb   verb. restore.

viederhool   noun. repeat.

viederkamp             verb. fight back.

viederkeer   verb. return.

viederstaan             verb. resist.

viederstand             noun. resistance.

viederstreb             verb. oppose.

viederstreber         noun. opponent.

viege    noun. cradle.

vieka    noun. coward.

viele     noun. awhile.

vieshok         adjective. tall.

viet       verb. persevere.

view     verb. shou.

vigtich          adjective. important. Phon: pronounced as “vichtich”

vigtichheet              noun. importance.

vile       noun. will, desire.

vilkom           noun. welcome.

vilkurlich     adjective. random.

vin        verb. win.

vind      noun. wind.

vinter   noun. winter.

vir         adjective. crazy, strange, odd.

virheet          noun. strangeness, craziness.

virklich         adjective. really, actually.

virksam        adjective. effective.

virkung         noun. effect, action, impact, reaction.

virt       noun. host.

virtshap        noun. economy.

virtshaper    noun. businessman, entrepeneur.

visheet          noun. wisdom, intellect.

visinshap     noun. science.

vit         noun. white.

vite       noun. joke.

vitich   adjective. funny.

vodoniech    noun. hydrogen.

vok       noun. week.

vokeend       noun. weekend.

volf       noun. wolf.

volk      noun. cloud.

von       noun. five. Phon: Pronounced as “fon”

vonde   adjective. fifth. Phon: pronounced “fonde”

vonsich         noun. fifty. Phon: pronunciation “fonsich”

vool      adverb. well.

voon     verb. live, reside.

voord   noun. word.

voordbuk     noun. dictionary.

voordshap   noun. grammar.

vordum         adjective. covered.

vorn     noun. fifteen. Phon: pronounced “forn”

voul      noun. vowel.

vreedag        noun. friday.

vunder          verb. wonder.

vunsh   verb. wish.

vurde   noun. dignity.

vurdich         verb. appreciate, acknowledge, respect.

vurfsendung           noun. spam.

vurmlok        noun. wormhole.

vuta      adjective. furious.

vutend          adjective. angry.


W  –  w


waara   auxiliary verb. would be. Phon: pronounced “vaara”

waarom        question word. why. Phon: pronounced “vaarom”

wacher          noun. watcher, custodian, protector.

wale     noun. whale.

wan      question word. when. Phon: pronounced “van”

wan imer      adverb. whenever.

war       verb. was. Phon: pronounced “var”

was       question word. what. Phon: pronounced “what”

we         pronoun. we. Phon: pronounced as “ve”

wens    verb. wish.

wer       question word. who. Phon: pronounced “ver”

wese    question word. whose. Phon: pronounced as “vese”

wie        question word. how. Phon: pronounced “vie”

wiefeel          question word. how much. Phon: pronounced “viefeel”

wieso   question word. why. Phon: pronounced “viezo”

wilk      question word. which. Phon: pronounced “vilk”

will       verb. want. Phon: pronounced as “vil”

wo         question word. where. Phon: pronounced “vo”

woher            question word. from where. Phon: pronounced “voher”

wok      verb. wax, increase.

worover        question. about what. Phon: pronounced “vorover”

wou      verb. future tense of “be”. Phon: pronounced “vou”

wofon            question word. from where, from which. Phon: pronounced “vofon”


Z  –  z


zaak     noun. saw.

zache   noun. thing, affair, problem, issue.

zak       noun. thing, item, object.

zamel   verb. collect, gather.

zamiesaan   noun. project. Note: comes from Dairy Atlantean

zamiesh       noun. plan, design.

zang     noun. claw.

zaseda          noun. ambush. Gram: Comes from Dairy Atlantean

zeech   verb. show.

zeechung     noun. drawing.

zeel      noun. soul.

zeelich          adjective. spiritual.

zeemadiste             noun. interaction.

zeen     verb. be. Gram: this is the infinitive of “ar”

zeene   noun. barn.

zeer      adverb. very.

zeet      noun. time.

zeetalter      noun. period, epoch, era.

zeeter           verb. fail.

zeetmeser   noun. timer.

zeetplan       noun. timetable.

zeg       noun. six. Phon: pronounced as “zech”

zekich           noun. sixty.

zelb      noun. itself.

zelb      noun. self.

zeltich          adverb. seldom.

zeltzaam      adjective. strange.

zena     noun. woman.

zench   verb. pour.

zenk     verb. lower, bring down, sink.

zenter           noun. centre.

zentraal        adjective. central.

zeperaat       adjective. seperate.

zeramiech   adjective. ceramic.

zerstoor       verb. destroy.

zerstoorung           noun. destruction.

zertreet        verb. scatter.

zet        verb. sit, place.

zetla    noun. bench.

zetung          noun. composition.

zicher            adjective. certain, sure.

zicher            verb. secure.

zicherheet   noun. security.

zie        verb. move into, relocate to.

ziech    noun. victory.

ziech    verb. conquer, vanquish.

zied      verb. boil.

ziedenartich           adjective. heterogenous.

ziega    noun. goat.

ziel       noun. goal, aim, outcome.

zielniech      noun. oppressor.

zien      noun. ten.

ziende           adjective. tenth.

ziep      noun. seven.

ziet       verb. fear.

zietheet        noun. fear.

zietlich         adjective. scary.

zimpel           adjective. simple.

zinder           noun. cinder.

zit         verb. sit.

zitachun       noun. situation.

zitat     noun. quote.

zitfol   adjective. demure.

zitplat           noun. seat.

zoo       noun. dierhous.

zou       verb. should. Note: comes from Kaasian

zoud    verb. past tense of “zou”.

zeegin           noun. blessing.

zegde   adjective. sixth. Phon: pronounced “zechde”

ziepde           adjective. seventh.


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