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Atlaans (Coastal Atlantean) dictionary

Afrika   noun. Africa.
Agypt   noun. Egypt.
Amerika   noun. America.
Asien   noun. Asia.
abentouer   noun. adventure.
abentouerung   noun. adventuring.
abin   noun. evening.
ablandich   adjective. off shore.
ableen   verb. reject.
ableet   verb. deduce.
ablenkich   adjective. distracting.
abneem   verb. decrease.
abonier   verb. subscribe.
absaak   verb. cancel.
abshalt   verb. turn off.
abshoylich   adjective. heinous, abominable, detestable, loathsome, horrible.
abshuk   noun. departure.
absich   noun. intention.
absolvent   noun. graduate.
abspalt   verb. secede.
abspaltung   noun. secession.
abteelung   noun. section.
abtruner   noun. renegade.
abvaser   noun. sewage.
abveechung   noun. divergence.
abzeet   adjective. apart.
abzenk   verb. lower.
abzet   verb. drop, let go, leave something behind.
abzurd   adjective. adsurd.
ach   noun. eight.
achde   adjective. eighth.
achsich   noun. eighty.
adler   noun. eagle.
admiral   noun. admiral.
akihom   noun. axiom.
aktulich   adjective. current.
akwich   noun. tribe.
al   adjective. everything.
al   adjective. all.
al   noun. eel.
ald   adjective. old.
aleen   adjective. alone.
alergish   adjective. allergic.
algemeen   adjective. general.
alles   noun. everything. Note: This word is seen as quite formal and is often used in poems and songs
almachtich   adjective. almighty.
altar   noun. altar.
alter   noun. age.
alternativ   adjective. alternative.
alveholar   adjective. alveolar.
ambichun   noun. ambition.
ambord   adjective. aboard.
ameese   noun. ant.
amnestie   noun. amnestie.
amshap   noun. post, position, office.
an   preposition. on, to (in the sense, “similar to”).
anbien   noun. purchase.
anbiet   verb. offer.
anblik   noun. sight.
andoot   verb. imply.
aner   verb. change.
anerung   noun. change.
anfang   noun. beginning.
anfanger   noun. beginner.
anforderung   noun. requirement.
angaab   noun. data.
angaab   noun. data.
angaan   verb. address, deal with, be involved with.
angebend   adjective. featured.
angeblich   adjective. alledgedly.
angeborend   adjective. inherent.
angrip   noun. attack.
anheb   verb. raise, lift up.
anjoudan   expression. well done.
anlage   noun. base, structure.
anlich   adjective. similar.
anmeld   verb. declare.
anmeldend   adjective. declaring.
anmeldung   noun. declaration.
anna   adjective. other.
annan   noun. other people.
annasrom   adjective. the other way around.
anneem   verb. adopt, accept, take on, assume.
anruf   verb. call on the phone.
ansien   noun. prestige.
ansien   noun. view.
anspraak   noun. speech, talk, address.
anspraak   noun. a claim to something.
ansteeg   verb. grow, increase.
ansteegung   noun. growth.
anstele   noun. instead of.
anstieg   noun. slope.
antal   noun. amount.
anvoord   noun. answer.
anzeenend   adjective. apparent.
anzie   verb. attract, draw toward, put on.
apaling   noun. noble, aristocracy.
aparat   noun. machine.
apel   noun. apple.
apoteek   noun. chemist pharmacy.
apoteke   noun. pharmacy.
ar   verb. am is are be. Gram: the infinitve of “ar” is “zeen”
arabies   noun. arabic.
arbeed   noun. work profession vocation.
arbeedgeber   noun. employer.
arbeedplat   noun. workplace.
ard   noun. earth.
arena   noun. arena.
argument   noun. argument.
arkiv   noun. archive.
arm   noun. arm.
armband   noun. bracelet.
armee   noun. army.
armselich   adjective. poor pitiful.
arsh   noun. ass.
artikel   noun. article.
arvinge   noun. heir.
as   conjunction. than (better than, worse than), if, because.
as   noun. donkey.
ash   noun. ash.
asiel   noun. asylum.
asistens   noun. assistance.
ast   noun. branch.
atlaan   noun. atlantis.
atlaande   noun. atlantean person.
atlaans   noun. atlantean language (usually refers to Coastal Atlantean).
atma   verb. breathe.
atma   noun. breath.
aver   conjunction. but.
avokadoeer   noun. vagabond miscreant pirate.
avokat   adjective. stupid, dumb, terrible.
avonesen   noun. dinner.
avsnit   noun. episode.