March 2017

  • What the F@%$ – Profanity in Language

    By Patience Kelly Literally, profane means outside the temple, and originally had religious connotations, involving “desecrating what is holy”, and representing blasphemy. In English, most swear words have Germanic roots,… Read More

  • How media sensations changed the way we speak

    By Patience Kelly Art mimics life, and this is no different for linguistics. We talk like people we can relate to, who have similar ideas to us, not necessarily who… Read More

  • Old English Electricity

    By Timothy Patrick Snyder Old English is a fantastic language.  There is a large selection of literature, with poetry and prose, we have an Old English lexicon that includes several… Read More

  • Northern Cities Vowel Shift

    Hi guys. It’s Rolf Weimar here, creator of Silly Linguistics. I have been working hard on language podcasts, comics and articles. But I would like to expand the language offering… Read More

  • Language fossils

    Something that I think all language enthusiasts encounter very early on is just how many languages there are in the world. But spend more time in the language world, and… Read More


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