January 2016

  • The future of Tamazight literature

      A new place for Tamazight literature in Algeria and beyond – Your Middle East Last fall, Algerian novelist Rachid Bouxerroub won the Assia Djebar prize for Best Fiction in… Read More

  • Home Office misspells ‘language’ in English test statement – BBC News

      Home Office misspells ‘language’ in English test statement – BBC News Home Office officials misspell ‘language’ in a press release on the new English test for migrants. Source: www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35381365… Read More

  • Emoji

      The Eggplant Emoji Means Exactly What You Think It Means | Motherboard SwiftKey analyzed more than 1 billion emojis sent using their third-party keyboard to suss out the most… Read More

  • Icelandic chants

    Icelandic is an awesome sounding language. It is one of the most conservative Germanic languages, which means it has not changed a lot over the centuries and Icelanders can still… Read More

  • Japanese tongue twisters

    Tongue twisters are an awesome way to show the phonology and phonotactics (what sounds are allowed in a language and where) of a language. A good tongue twister can have… Read More

  • American English

    It’s amazing how much variation there can be on a simply thing like the name of a cold refreshing fizzy drink. In America there are 3 main words for it,… Read More


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