Beowulf vs Grendal – Old English

Obviously Beowulf is really important to the history of English and to understand how English came to be. But it probably shouldn’t be read with a lot of pomp and circumstance. It was just a story people would tell around the fire. It was a story to entertain people late at night. It had word play and cool turns of phrase, but really it was about the characters and the story, not about pronunciation everything in a bombastic way.

How to Talk Like Shakespeare

Shakespeare lived during the late 1500s and early 1600s. This period is known as Early Modern English. For the most part people living today can understand Shakespeare’s work but some parts will need to be explained. But one thing that has changed a lot since then is pronunciation.

People have been painstakingly reconstructing the pronunciation of the language at that point through things like letters where people sometimes made spelling mistakes which reveal how they thought something should be spelled and also by looking at rhymes. Now that we know how the language at that time was spoken, people have been performing Shakespeare in the original pronunciation.

How Did Languages Begin


How language began is a question we have been asking ourselves for a very long time. And there are many proposed answers for it. In the video in this post, they present some possibilities. My idea is that language emerged once humans were intelligent enough to recognise sounds, and had the physical apparatus to make the same complex sounds repeatedly. The rest of language can be built on top of that system.