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What We Have To Offer In 2020 And Our Goals!!

This has been a wonderful year for the Steve the Vagabond team. What started as a way to deal with depression for Rolf Weimar has turned into a full-on business with two people heading it, me the shadow writer from behind the scenes. This year has been explosive for our growth as we have seen a major uptick in followers on both Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and receiving our first big affiliate, the Rype App! We also now have a mailing list, so we can send you the updates you want to your email, and share the very cool things we see every single week!

Our Business Goals For 2020

We have a lot going on as we keep releasing new issues of the magazine every single month. There are writers to pay and people to interview. We hope to continue expanding our selection of interesting articles, and produce more free content exclusive to our blog. I have helmed the major website update and spearheaded the new content production for it! It was a lot of work figuring out how to work on a website with almost no prior experience, but I have done fairly well, and I hope that we continue to produce the content you find enjoyable!

We will be adding a 10 dollar tier to the Patreon for those interested. It is a secret right now from our audience as to what it will be, but we think it will be exactly what you find interesting! I am joining the 5 dollar tier team to write small articles for the Language Lover’s Loot each month.

I have helmed the Silly Linguistics Instagram, growing it from scratch to nearly 5000 followers within a year’s time. As I continue to work with it, I hope to reach 10K followers by the end of 2020. What does this mean for you? More exclusive content, of course! I will be vlogging my experience in Brazil in two weeks time, so go follow it now to see the crazy adventure I am about to go on!

We are producing an easier way for language lovers to become polyglots with a new learning system. Will it come to fruition within the next year? We will certainly try our best! We have hinted at it a little on our Facebook page, but continue to hash out the details between the two of us.

Personal Goals For Rolf Weimar

Forgetful puzzled office employee trying to remind important tasks. Beautiful young mix raced woman in casual shirt scratching head. Remembering or amnesia concept.

It is no secret that this has been a wonderful relief for depression. Now that it has been a viable source of income for him, it is time to further push his own language-learning goals.

He is considering taking on the Northern Sami language and producing content in that same language, while increasing his knowledge of both Swedish and German. Raising awareness of endangered and near-extinct languages is important to both of us! Producing content about the languages will be a business goal as well for the new year. We hope to learn more about how languages die and how we can stop the spread.

Do you like Russian? Rolf likes Russian, too! Weird coincidence! Learning more Russian is definitely another goal as well. How else can we learn more if we don’t try it all? A few years back, he learned the Cyrillic alphabet and hopes this year, he can reach an A2 level in the language (a very modest goal).

Mike Simpson’s Goals

As some of you may know, I am moving to Brazil sometime this year. I am now at a comfortable B1 level in Portuguese, and I hope to reach a C1 level by the end of 2020. Full immersion in Brazil would definitely help!

Another goal is to get to a B1 in Polish like I did with Portuguese. I know that they are not remotely the same language, but I believe it will be fulfilling to finally call myself a polyglot (having already learned Spanish as well). These two goals, together, I feel are very modest. I could be striving for completely fluency or something similar in Polish, but I am also reasonable!

I also want to write an article fully in Portuguese for the blog sometime before the year’s end. I think it would be interesting to see if I can do it! I love writing and I think it would be an amazing addition to the website!

What do you want to see from us in the next year? Let us know in the comments below and we will see what we can do 😀

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