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Videos To Get You Excited About Danish!!

We here at Silly Linguistics love languages and would love to spark some interest in languages people don’t typically think about when they want to learn a new language! After watching a lot of content this week, we have compiled this list of videos that can get you excited to study the Danish language!

Danish is a really cool language, but why does it sound funny to Scandinavians?  NativLang explains!

Easy Languages is always a great resource for studying languages at an intermediate level, and Danish is no exception!

Jaime Lannister is Danish, and knows a few Danish phrases for you to start using today!

Write down these 200 words every Danish learner needs to know with DanishClass101!

Can you pronounce the 10 hardest Danish words to pronounce?  Elise Buch does a fine job!

Interested in grammar?  Start here! This is just the beginning of an introductory course on Danish grammar.

Here is a simple guide to Danish pronunciation.  Remember, pronunciation is key to learning a language, and should not be trifled with!

This is an interesting video on Danish sign language vs American.  I never thought I would be curious before seeing this video!

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