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Issue #9 – February 2019

The Lexicon of Loaf
By Ed Bedford

How I learned Portuguese
By Paulo Rónai, Translated by Tom Moore

How Soon is Now? – Expressing time spans across cultures
By Stefano Nunes

Tu vs. Vous distinction – useful notes
By Jan Pinc

Swahili III: Kisetla and Kishamba
By Tom Priestly

The Four Pillars of Language Learning Motivation
By Maria Tiaka

Song of the Alchemists – Dwemeris Basics
By Diana Vereris

Issue #8 – January 2019

5 Peculiarities of the Japanese Language

By Em Watts

The language of vibes

By Patrice Northam, M. A

Covers as translation studies

By Simone Villano

Six Fun Dutch Words

By Michael Simpson

Learning Russian

By Alexandra Tennant

Swahili II: Cultural history

By Tom Priestly

Communication: Ancient and contemporary civilizations

By Farsetti Veronica

Before the Ages of Men

By Diana Vereris

How many languages are there?

By Cath Fincher

How Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language is the same, but it is not the same language

By Mirela Omeragic

Being Comfortable with Comfterble

By Matheus Garone

Dis and Dat

By Matheus Garone

An exploration of Suppletion and its effect on language evolution.

By Edward Bedford

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