Linguist pick up line #2

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A sprachbund are languages that are not descended from the same older language (and thus not genetically related), yet they have affected each other a lot because of their close proximity to each other. There are sprachbunds all over the world as many languages have interact with each other in border areas or where two or more languages are used.

Linguist pick up line

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A clitic is something that gets added to a word. A morpheme is a technical term for a word. It is used to define a unit of meaning in a language. Morpheme can be a word but it doesn’t have to be. In agglutinative languages, morphemes are added together into a single word, whereas in analytic languages morphemes tend to be separate words.

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Steve the Vagabond was responsible for the Second Great Cheesecake War on Erd, where Atlaans is spoken. It lead to a great migration where Atlanteans left for all corner of the globe. It is the main reason Atlantean is spoken all around the world on Erd.

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She has a chip on her shoulder? Well she should take it off and eat it. Don’t waste food!


I love it when people deconstruct sayings like this. We use and hear these expressions all the time and very often we don’t even stop to think about where they come from or how silly they sound. Next time you hear an expression, take a moment to think about what the words actually mean and maybe look up the origin. I am sure it will be an interesting read 🙂

Low German and Atlaans

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The world Atlaans is spoken in was created by me to have a place where things work slightly differently. There are many people in our world that want to deny the true origin of languages and say silly things like English comes from Hebrew and is the mother of language. Well, I made a world where all languages do come from a single source called Atlantean, which is called Atlaans in one of the Atlantean dialects. #AtlaansConfirmed

Silly Linguistics #2

silly linguistics 2

We understand each other’s languages, but it is often faster just to type in your own language (since you are used to typing in it) so it can lead to these humourous situations where you are speaking one language and they are speaking another, but you can each understand each other.

The long, tortuous road to learning Romanian one man took. A good read!

Learning a language that is not spoken much outside of its country can be a very tough endeavour. One of the difficulties that you can encounter when learning a language is lack of resources. For languages like Spanish, French and German, there is no lack of resources. But it can be hard to find newspapers, magazines and dictionaries for smaller languages.

Silly Linguistics #1

silly linguistics 1

Have you ever been to Sweden? Keep on the lookout for this sign. It is very amusing coming across this in Sweden because it has a totally different meaning in English. Another funny sign to come across is “fartcontrol”. No, this is not some weird sign which is telling you not to fart. It actually just means “speed control”.

Hipster Zamenhof


Esperanto is an auxlang (short for auxiliary language). An auxlang is a language designed to be a common language between two people who would otherwise not share a language. Esperanto is the world’s largest auxlang, and also the world’s largest conlang (constructed language, which is the group auxlangs fall into, being a language constructed deliberately as opposed to a natural language which developed over time in the real word).

Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto, was one of the first of a long line of future conlangers. He published his Esperanto grammar in 1887. Conlanging has grown as a hobby over the decades, but it has really flourished recently thanks to films and tv shows like Star Trek, Game of Thrones and Defiance which all feature constructed languages like Klingon, Dothraki, High Valyrian and Castithan.

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