Language lessons

Silly Linguistics offers easy to follow language lessons that will teach you languages that you thought you wouldn’t be able to learn before. Learn Bulgarian, Northern Sami and German, with many more to come.

You get access to all language lessons for only $1 / month on Patreon.

Each part is easy to follow and will build on the parts before. No matter how good or bad you think you are at languages, you will be able to follow this series and fulfill your dream of learning languages. The first part introduces the language and gives and overview of its place in the world and some fun facts about it. The first part ends with some sample phrases in the language. The second part explores the verbs of the language in an easy to follow format.

Steve the vagabond brings languages to you in an easy to read format and offers new lessons every week. You can download one or all of the currently available lessons. It’s completely up to you. Discover a new way to learn languages with Silly Linguistics.

Old English Lessons

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