Celebrating 5 years of Silly Linguistics

We are celebrating 5 years of Silly Linguistics by giving 50% off a 1 year subscription to our website sillylinguistics.com

To redeem this offer, select Complete Subscription at the Membership Levels page

Just use code HALFOFF at check out.

The code will change the amount you are charged and it will give you a year long subscription rather than a monthly one. You will be charged $30 and your subscription will give you access to all the media Silly Linguistics currently produces and your subscription will remain valid for a whole year, no need to pay monthly.

What do you get with a subscription?

You get instant access to all currently available media

We have a magazine all about language and linguistics. We have published 17 issues (all of which you get access to with a subscription) and a new issue is published every month. We also have a literary magazine called Nebula Tales which you can read about below.

Here are some highlights of the Silly Linguistics magazine

Translation and analysis by Rolf Weimar of Iditguovssu (Dawn Light)

Me, myself and I – An exploration of a weird phenomenon in Modern English

An overview of Northern Sami


History of “-y” in English

An exploration of the past tense of ‘yeet’

When Writing Gets Hard: The Bilingual Problem

Examine the rationale and effectiveness of attempts in the late 17th and 18th century to rectify the English language

What “yes” and “no” can tell us about how people think

How many languages are there?

Proto Language – Reconstruction and vowel Development

In Nebula Tales, you will find horror, mundane, sci-fi, and even the occasional feel-good Oscar-bait! Language isn’t always technicality and rule. You can play with it, mold it, and make it express strong inherent meaning, and, with this new project, we hope to express deep meaning with stories and poetry to make you think out of this world!

We also have a special publication called Language Lovers Loot where we give linguistics lessons, language learning tips and each volume comes with a chart showing how a specific group of words are related. Find out how “head” and “cape” are related.

We work with writers to put out new language lessons and Language Lovers Loot often. When new ones are released, your subscription will allow you to get them straight away.

Getting a subscription is also a great way to support our endeavours here at Silly Linguistics. If we can grow the business we can offer you guys even more cool stuff.

Have fun and keep learning languages 😀

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