Atlaans pronunciation


b /b/ voiced bilabial stop

ch /x/ voiceless velar fricative

d /d/ voiced alveolar stop

f /f/ voiceless labiodental fricative

g /g/ voiced velar stop

h /h/ voiceless glottal fricative

j /j/ voiced palatal approximant

k /k/ voiceless velar stop

l /l/ voiced alveolar lateral approximant

m /m/ voiced bilabial nasal

n /n/ voiced alveolar nasal

ng /ŋ/ voiced velar nasal

p /p/ voiceless bilabial stop

r /ɹ/ alveolar approximant

s /s/ voiceless alveolar fricative sibilant

sh /ʃ/ voiced palato-alveolar sibilant

t /t/ voiceless alveolar stop

th /θ/ voiceless dental fricative

v /v/ voiced labiodental fricative

w /w/ voiced labio-velar approximant

z /z/ voiced alveolar fricative


a /a/ open front unrounded

e /e/ close-mid front unrounded

ee /e:/ close-mid front unrounded

er /ɛ/ open-mid front unrounded

i /ɪ/ near-close near-front unrounded

ie /i:/ close front unrounded

o /ɔ/ open-mid back rounded vowel

oo /o:/ close-mid back rounded

ou /ou/ close-mid back rounded diphthong

oy /oi/ close-mid back rounded diphthong

u /u/ close back rounded

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