Learn Northern Sami with Steve the vagabond Part 3

viehkat – to run
Mun viegan – I run
Don viegat – You (s) run
Son viehká – He/she runs
Moai vihke – We (two) run
Doai viehkabeahtti – You (two) run
Soai viehkaba – They (two) run
Mii viehkat – We run
Dii viehkabehtet – You (plural) run
Sii vihket – They run

čiehkat – to hide
Mun čiegan – I hide
Don čiegat – You (s) hide
Son čiehká – He/she hides
Moai čihke – We (two) hide
Doai čiehkabeahtti – You (two) hide
Soai čiehkaba – They (two) hide
Mii čiehkat – We hide
Dii čiehkabehtet – You (plural) hide
Sii čihket – They hide

váldit – to take
Mun válddán – I take
Don válddát – You (s) take
Son váldá – He/she takes
Moai válde – We (two) take
Doai váldibeahtti – You (two) take
Soai váldiba – They (two) take
Mii váldit – We take
Dii váldibehtet – You (plural) take
Sii váldet – They take

rundit – to work, toil
Mun runddán – I work
Don runddát – You (s) work
Son rundá – He/she works
Moai runde – We (two) work
Doai rundibeahtti – You (two) work
Soai rundiba – They (two) work
Mii rundit – We work
Dii rundibehtet – You (plural) work
Sii rundet – They work

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