Minority languages

All languages are important. Each developed in a different part of the world, under different circumstance, and spoken by different people. Not only that, but each has its own ways of doing things, with its own idioms, expressions and grammatical pecularities. Each and every language is a unique way of looking at things. Whenever we lose a language, we are losing a part of who we are.

Diversity in language is essential. Stories from the past were told in the languages of that time. Many of our ancestors spoke different languages to us. If we lose those languages, we lose a part of the world. We lose something that was once a vibrant, living part of the world. Also, language is part of identity.

People identify with a city, state, province or country. A language is as much a part of the land as a mountain or river. To lose a language, we are losing part of ourselves. Countries, sadly, have in the past tried to suppress minority languages. This is slowly starting to change however. If you speak a minority language, make sure you use it and don’t be afraid to tell everyone about it.

And if you speak a large language like English or Spanish, try to reach out to those who speak a smaller language. Languages can provide some amazing connections. We are divided in so many ways. I hope language can provide us some ways of bringing us together.

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