I am not studying English because it is difficult!


The heading of the picture is in Portuguese and it says, “I won’t learn English because it is difficult”. It is making fun of those people who say they won’t learn another language because it is difficult even though their own language is quite difficult too. But I think this picture misses the point anyways.

I think people freak out a little bit when they see lists like this. These lists often take things out of context or don’t compare things fairly. The list shown here has every possible form of the word. But for inflected languages like Portuguese, having lots of forms like this is common.

Beyond a few irregular verbs, most of these forms can be made be a regular process. Again, just because something looks weird or different to your native language does not mean it hard. It might be hard to get into, but it is very learnable. You just need to acclimatise to it.

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