A funny routine about the peculiarities of English words :D

Languages tend to have very weird expressions and word. Why does English call it a pineapple when most other European languages call it ananas? Why is apple in Afrikaans aardappel, which means “earth apple”? I saw a sign once that said “selling dry firewood”. Well, isn’t it redundant to say “dry firewood”? Who would sell wet firewood? In this video George Carlin goes through a few words and expressions that sound a bit silly once you think about them.

One thought on “A funny routine about the peculiarities of English words :D”

  1. Ananas (etc) vrs Pineapple ( or phinafal or similar in welsh) – Perhaps because they came to Europe via Spain by Columbus, and it is claimed he called them “pina de indies” or something like that ( not going to check the book I think it is in). Or perhaps because they came into Northern Europe via the United Netherlands, some time around the First and Second Anglo Dutch wars. Perhaps Albion’s perfidy also stretches to fruit and berries.

    I have read of them being used as subtleties and conceits in the late c17 and early c18 rather than eaten.

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