Languages of Switzerland

There are a lot of languages in Switzerland! It’s probably because it is so close to so many different countries. There are also interesting variations in the language spoken there and interesting dialects. The French spoken in Switzerland uses different numbers for 70, 80 and 90 than those used in France.

In Switzerland, they use septante, octante and nonante, instead of soixante-dix (literally sixty ten), quatre-vingts (four twenties) and quatre-vingt-dix (four twenties ten). There is even a little known Romance language spoken in Switzerland called Romansh.

Here are some phrases in Romansh

Welcome – Bainvegni

How are you? – Co vai?

I understand – Jeu chapesch

I love you – Jeu carezel tei

Do you speak Romansh – Discurras ti rumantsch?

Please speak more slowly – Pudessas ti discurrer pli plaun?

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